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Self-emptying Robot Vacuums | Do they really empty themselves?

We love our machines or at least have started loving them. Things have come a really long way since the introduction of machines in the early 19th century to the introduction of robotic vacuums most recently. In this article, you are going to see all about self emptying Robot Vacuums.

All about Self emptying Robot Vacuums

Using a robotic vacuum cleaner to empty your home already feels like living in the future, but there is an issue of cleaning the small bins after each use. But the introduction of self-emptying robotic vacuum cleaners has made these tiny bots even more easy to use.

All about Self emptying Robot Vacuums image
All about Self emptying Robot Vacuums image

Which Robot Vacuum empties itself?

The iRobot Roomba i7+ has this amazing feature of emptying its bins without assistance. This model comes with an additional base station, similar to the docking station, and includes a vacuum of its own which will suck all the dust and dirt from the robot cleaner’s bin and empties it into a larger garbage bin.

From the larger collection bin, the debris is moved to a regular vacuum cleaner bag, which can hold at least 30 times more dirt than the vacuum. This is advantageous because you can even move the base station even once a week, although the Roomba cleans your home every single day.

How do you empty a Roomba vacuum?

Emptying a Roomba i7+ vacuum doesn’t require any effort from the user. The auto emptying feature is one of the most useful features in the new i7+. The Roomba has an indicator to determine when the bin is full. Once the bin is full the i7+ navigates towards the base station which has a hopper that sucks the dust. It can hold debris of up to 30 bins volume.

When the necessity to clean the base station arises, the smartphone app alerts you on the same and all you have to do is just remove the sealed bag and dump it in the garbage bin.

The new iRobot i7+ also comes with an additional feature to map the room and can remember the floor plan of up to 10 houses at a time. It also has the ability to identify the room where it has been placed.  This new model also has Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility; users can simply say which room to be cleaned and the Roomba will get down to business.

Some of us may not be really comfortable with the Roomba holding your home’s floor plans which is sensitive information. However, iRobot assures that the floor plans will not be shared anywhere without specific owners’ permission.

Do Robotic Vacuums empty on its own?

iRobot is not the first company to introduce self-emptying vacuums; however, a reliable brand like them introducing this feature is a good thing. iRobot products have been known for their quality and design in the past and this new flagship product is no exception to the fact.

The Roomba i7+ is a very good product with self-emptying bin and some other good features. As expected this vacuum does not come cheap. It is priced at $ 950, which includes the base station. Bags can be bought at $15 for three and annually the cost can add up to $60. For the comfort of the self-emptying bin, mapping your home and voice assistance, paying a premium might be worth it! For more useful information on Robot Vacuums, keep visiting our website regularly.

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