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Do Robotic Vacuum Cleaners replace Normal Vacuums?

The tiny robot vacuums are powerful, hands-free, floor and rug sweepers and battery chargeable. They have been engineered to look for and pick up the lint, dirt, dust, and sand that lie on carpet surface and floor. Now, the common doubt for everyone is, Can Robot replace normal vacuum? Let’s see whether it replaces or not.

Can Robot replace Normal Vacuum?

With remote control capabilities, these vacuums are very benefiting to the people who have a mobility problem. These vacuums are useful to the people who have a very hectic schedule daily and could not take the comfort of cleaning home daily. They even work for eliminating the low lying floor dust and allergens in order to help allergy sufferers.

Can Robot replace Normal Vacuum image
Can Robot replace Normal Vacuum image

Can a Robot Vacuum replace a Regular Vacuum?

Can a Robot vacuum replace a regular vacuum? The answer for this is discussed below. Generally, robot vacuums have come a long way because they are first released to the public. Robot vacuums are not meant for everyone. Now let us briefly know what actually a robot vacuum and regular vacuum is so that you can get a clear idea and make a sense about the question of can a robot vacuum replace a regular vacuum.

Robot vacuums are for?

Robot vacuums are great for people like who can’t keep up tracking the dirt every day at home or to the people who cannot operate regular vacuum cleaner and need to clean the home. There are lots of reasons to get a robot vacuum cleaner. But no matter what the reasons are they are not 100% replacement for regular vacuum cleaners.

What can Robot Vacuum do?

A robot vacuum can do just as regular vacuum that is it can clean carpets, floors, hardwood floors, tile, dust, pet hair, crumbs and everything that is on the floor. It can even clean the hard to reach areas like under the sofas, beds, corners that you may miss with a regular vacuum. But they cannot do suction in a strong way and they even cannot reach the areas like stairs and cobwebs. Robot vacuum doesn’t give up and run as long as you programmed it to run every day.

When to use the regular vacuum cleaner?

If you are using the robot cleaner every day then it will be ideal and good cleaning if you use a regular vacuum cleaner once in a month. Though a robot vacuum is used as daily scout even it needs some strengthening once in a while. Cleaning with a regular vacuum once in a month will give you the excellent result.

Vacuuming is not a fun task and it will get harder as we get older. To help with this chore, there is an increase in the number of people in getting the robot vacuum is perfect for the people who cannot use a regular vacuum.  A robot vacuum is not a perfect replacement of regular vacuum as a robot vacuum cannot clean the stairs and some other hard areas to reach. But the robot vacuum does the work ideally for cleaning daily dirt, dust, and hair from the floors. For the walls, stairs, and furniture it will be worth to get upright and canister vacuum cleaners.

It all depends on the individual requirements, their budget, time and how big the home they live whether to buy and use regular vacuum or robot vacuum cleaner. Generally, a robot vacuum does not have all the capabilities like normal vacuums. They work as long as there is charging in the battery and keep the floor cleaner on a daily basis. Cleaning will be a little easier when you own both robot vacuum and normal vacuum cleaner.

What Robotic Vacuums do best?

What Robotic Vacuums do best image
What Robotic Vacuums do best image

A robotic vacuum is equipped with 2 or 3 wheels and a small motor which propels them around the house and the suctions while rollers or brushes sweep the debris into an internal dustbin. Some of the robot vacuums have added features like wifi connectivity. This allows you to operate the machine remotely and increases effectiveness.

Robotic vacuums depart and return to the docking station which also acts as a battery charger. Some vacuums stop cleaning for 14 minutes and some others might run for 2 hours almost.

Susan Booth a CR’s lead vacuum test engineer says those robotics are finest for uncluttered rooms with low pile rugs or bare floors. Robot vacuums generally use high power to move on the thick carpet which in turn drains the battery. If the pile is thicker, it will be more difficult for the robot and it consumes more battery. Some robotics are smart enough to return the place where they stopped and complete the work.

You cannot send the robot vacuum into the area of toy playroom or cluttered living room and expect to see the clean and spotless floors in an hour or two, these machines work properly and effectively on clutter-free areas. Threads and wires tend to wrap around the wheels of the vacuum eventually causing the malfunction. Large debris and paper scraps can easily block their suction inlet. While curtains and sheets can cause the robot to stuck in one place.

Rooms with a hard floor like tile, wood, linoleum, and low pile carpet are the places where robot vacuums make shine. These surfaces allow the machine to navigate easily and work with suction debris efficiently.

Can a robotic vacuum replace your canister and upright?

In comparison to upright vacuum cleaners, robot cleaners are better at vacuuming beneath the furniture due to its short height. Some canister vacuums and stick vacuums are outfitted with extremely low profile head. It makes them convenient to reach the dust bunnies beneath the bed. Some of the tests show that robot vacuums cannot match the power of or clean as thoroughly as canister or upright vacuums do.

The top-rated Miele Dynamic UI cat and dog upright $550 whereas the top-rated Samsung PowerBot SR20H9051 series of robot vacuum has $1000 are placed over separate squares with medium pile carpet. Each embedded with 100 grams of talc and sand.

The Miele upright vacuum picks more than half of dirt and debris, whereas the Samsung Robovac picks the debris less than 20 percent, proving that for deep cleaning the robot is not matching with traditional cleaning. For more information, keep visiting regularly.

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