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Eufy Robovac 11 Review 2020

A Robotic vacuum is one of the most frequently purchased smart devices on the market. Since the vacuum was first released a few years ago, it came a long way and today. A Robotic vacuum is an advanced gadget that can help people clean their houses in a smarter way. There are many manufacturers that are creating the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market.

Eufy Robovac 11 is one of the best rated robotic vacuum cleaners that are available on the market today. You should make a proper decision to select the top rated vacuum cleaners. Hence, we are here presenting the new Eufy Robovac 11 review.  So, go through this page to know more about this Eufy Vacuum cleaner.

Eufy Robovac 11

The Eufy RoboVac 11 comes with a traditional circular shape and features a tempered glass top to give it a modern edge. At 3.1 inches tall and 13 inches in diameter, Eufy Robovac is one of the smallest and shortest robot vacuums we have seen. It is the best vacuum cleaner if you have tight spaces or a smaller apartment that needs tidying up.

The RoboVac 11 features 11 infrared sensors toward the front of the vacuum, a drop sensor, a swivel wheel and two side brushes. This best robot vacuum cleaner also has a central rolling brush, that can easily pick up a tangle of rug thread and pet hair after only a few cleanings. However, you need to go with a pair of gloves to manually remove that accumulation, but it is easy.

The RoboVac comes with a tool to clean the vacuum, as well as spare side brushes, an added HEPA-style filter and an extra foam filter. Dumping the dirt from the dustbin is an easy job, and you need to press the button to slide out the container and later push a release button to dispose of it. Since the RoboVac 11 from Eufy offers only a power button on its case, the bulk of your interaction with it included remote control.

The remote of this robotic vacuum lets you choose between one of six cleaning modes. They are Auto, Spot, Edge, Max, Single Room and Manual, that comes especially handy for very particular cleaning configurations. There is also a button for scheduling cleanings. Moreover, you need two AAA batteries to power up the remote and perform all this.


  • Design of Eufy vacuum
  • Maintainance & Emptying
  • Easy Replacement
  • Other Features

It’s difficult to get excited about the design of the Eufy RoboVac 11, but it’s practical, and it won’t take up much room in your home. Like all other robot vacuum cleaners, the Eufy has a round design that has a bumper at the front. Hence so it won’t get damaged when bumping into furniture. Small side brushes point out from the bottom of this Eufy robot vacuum to sweep up the mess too. The top of the RoboVac Eufy comes with an attractive reflective look. The main power button sits on the top too that you can press to start up the auto cleaning mode.

Emptying the RoboVac 11 Eufy is a simple process, and hence you need not put any efforts to maintain your vacuum cleaner. You need not buy expensive bags with this robotic vacuum cleaner as it uses its box to store the trash. That is the norm with most robot vacuums though. It is also an easy process to turn the Eufy RoboVac upside down, and then hold down the handle to pull out the scrap box for emptying it. Moreover, you need to empty this more regularly than any other robotic vacuums. In the box you can see four side brushes, the cleaner uses two at a time. Hence you can have two spares, and these are easy to switch out when you need to.

You can also easily order replacements from Eufy directly or a series of third-party retailers. However, buying replacements is unlikely as a common occurrence. The rolling brush on the bottom of the Eufy vacuum will often get jammed with hair and other items from around your home. But again this is easy to remove by pulling on the yellow hooks at the bottom of the robot, hence you can manually pull out the items. You can found yourselves doing this quite regularly.

This best Robotic vacuum comes with a bumper on the front that works well and if it collided with furniture neither the vacuum nor the thing it crashed was damaged. Around the back of the robotic vacuum cleaner is another power switch, which is only used to turn vacuum cleaner off.  The wheels of this Eufy vacuum cleaner travel well across a carpet, laminate flooring and tiles. The Eufy makes short work of bumps in your flooring and is not stopped by your floor dividers. Hence you don’t worry about this vacuum moving between rooms or getting stabbed moving from one surface to another. One of the highlights the Eufy robot vacuum is its low clearance as it means it can fit into smaller places.


Specification Name Value
Robovac 11
Item model number
19.5 x 15 x 5 inches
Item Weight
10 pounds
Dirt capacity
0.3 litres
1.5 litres
Net weight
6.7 pounds
12.8 inches
Wet mopping
HEPA Filter
Smartphone App
Virtual Walls
LCD Display
Remote Control
Number of Side brushes
12 months
Self Docking
Full Bin Indicator
Number of Extra Filters
Accessories Included
A/C Adapter, charging base, Remote(AAA batteries not included), 1 brush cleaning tool, 2 extra side brushes, 1 extra HEPA filter.
Auto Volt

Cleaning Modes of Eufy robotic vacuum Robovac 11

The Eufy robot vacuum cleaner comes with six different built-in cleaning modes. they are

  • Auto Cleaning: With the help of onboard sensors, the Robovac 11 calculates an optimum path for cleaning and hence clean until the area is cleaned, or until it needs to be recharged.
  • Spot cleaning: In this mode, the robotic vacuum cleans a single spot or area using spiral cleaning pattern. It is very useful in emergency cases or if there exists a large amount of dust in a single spot.
  • Edge cleaning: In the process of cleaning, when the Eufy vacuum detects a wall, the speed of the vacuum is decreased and it follows the wall and hence cleans the edge of the wall. Hence the side brushes are very important.
  • Max cleaning: Here uses the auto cleaning mode that uses maximum suction power and is very useful when floors are very dirty. Moreover, this mode requires more power from the battery but reduces the number of passes.
  • Single room cleaning: This particular mode is used to clean a single room.
  • Manual Mode: Here, we can move this Eufy Robovac directly over the area with the help of remote control.

Eufy – Light Up your Life

Eufy is a new brand that creates a line of products intended to make the users homeworld a bit more high-tech. The brand new Eufy formulates smart technology with innovative design to make life easier for its users and make their lives happier for their families. Eufy is born from Anker, a brand renowned company for producing innovative electronics that enable life on the go.

Eufy is producing a new generation of appliances and connected devices that simplify the smart-home experience and make it more convenient. This includes an Alexa-powered speaker, Eufy Genie, and a growing list of smart appliances such as vacuums, lights, and smart plugs.


  • HEPA filtration keeps allergens inside the bin
  • Two side brushes and main motorized brush will thoroughly clean floors and edges
  • Remote control included but it doesn’t come with batteries
  • 12-month warranty
  • Scratch-resistant tempered glass cover
  • High capacity lithium ion battery will run for about 1-1/2 hours
  • Eufy 11 has WiFi connectivity and App to control the robot remotely


  • One of the best and Cheapest Robotic vacuum
  • Decent performance at an affordable cost
  • Twin side brushes
  • Good run time
  • Tall enough to fit under most of the furniture
  • Can clean the edges of walls and furniture
  • The Suction mechanism is very strong
  • Quiet slim


  • May not deep clean the carpet
  • No virtual wall
  • Bumps into furniture

Bottom Line

The Eufy RoboVac 11 is a good entry-level vacuum cleaner that can simplify all your household works. At very low price range, this is an affordable helper for the house. This best Robot vacuum Eufy can help pick up things like stray hairs, litter crystals and food crumbs. The Eufy robot vacuum is another automated solution for vacuuming.  Hence, your house regularly looks cleaner than it has for some time. And in the end, this might be the reason you buy something like this. Hope you all enjoyed Eufy Robovac 11 review and make a better decision for better life. Keep visiting us, to get the latest news on updated and new Robotic Vacuums. Thank You!!!! Happy Shopping!!!!

Overall, Eufy Robovac 11 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is easy to use and can clean edges of walls and furniture perfectly. With all its smart and special features, it stood as the well known and most popular vacuum cleaner in the market. Check out the price and buy this best product now.

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