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iClebo Arte Robot Vacuum Review 2020

As there is a lot of improvement in the advanced technology, product users are increasing around the world. Iclebo Arte YCR-M05 is one of the best robot vacuums. Unlike the old days when you would like to get help even if it is vacuuming, technology has made cleaning easy again. Nowadays, there is no issue to move furniture to vacuum your office or home. 

Moreover, there is no worry about any obstacles that come your way. With the current state of home vacuums, a robot vacuum cleaner is the best choice. When it comes to a robot vacuum, this technology advancement seems to be the way to go for many families. Especially those with pets and kids. One vacuum cleaner, that seems to be outstanding on the market today is the iClebo YCR-M05 Arte. Lets us know more about this vacuum cleaner through the features, and iClebo YCR M05 reviews.

Iclebo Arte YCR-M05 Reviews

This best robotic vacuum cleaner removes dirt and dust from hard-surface flooring and carpeting equally. The iClebo Robot from Yujin comes with an automatic height adjustment feature. This allows the robot vacuum to transit from flat to high surfaces with ease. The Iclebo Arte Robotic vacuum has a small mop attachment for wet cleaning. Hence the robot can wipe down certain types of flooring as well as vacuum. Iclebo Vacuum also equipped with technology to analyze the amount of space it needs to clean before it starts with a systematic plan. Unlike many other robotic vacuum cleaners, the Yujin robot does not take off from its charging base. Alternatively, with a technique that makes it the best robot vacuum when it comes to actual cleaning plans. The Iclebo Arte Robotic vacuum begins its work at the door of a room and systematically moves throughout the space, cleaning as it goes.

This robot vacuum cleaner offers several different cleaning modes. For spots that require heavy cleaning, Iclebo Arte YCR-M05 operates in a max mode till it removes all the trash. With smart navigation and 15 sensors to guide it, the Yujin robot vacuum chooses the best course of cleaning. This best robot vacuum cleaner also knows to slow down when approaching furniture and walls. That way, the Iclebo Arte robot vacuum touches gently rather than crashing into things and dinging your walls or the legs of your table. The dual filtration system of Iclebo Arte includes one filter for sterilization and a dust filter for capturing fine particles. Hence you can expect it to include allergens rather than discharging them into the air. The Iclebo is outfitted with two side brushes and a main brush for dusting and agitating dirt so that its suction motor can easily lift the dust.


  • Easy Operation
  • Extra Accessories
  • 160 minute run time
  • Sensors
  • Navigation
  • Camera

The iClebo Arte cleaner is very simple to operate. This robotic vacuum cleaner is moderately lightweight compared to other robot vacuums we come across. And a remote control is also added to its overall ease of use. Each runtime in our foot test pens the Iclebo Arte YCR-M05 vacuum cleaner dutifully returned to its dock without any issues. A full charge of Yujin robot lasted about two hours, and it takes just under two hours for a full recharge.

The extra features and accessories, like the climb mode and detangling brush, make it easier to customize each cleaning cycle as needed. With a height of 3.5 inches, the iClebo robot vacuum can easily clean under your bed and couch. Moreover, it weighs only 6 pounds, hence you can easily carry the robotic vacuum up and down the stairs.

You are suggested to use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for this Iclebo Arte vacuum cleaner and get two hours of operating time per charge. The Yujin comes with its own charging base. Hence when the battery of the vacuum is low, the automatic cleaning robot returns on its own to get more energy. Iclebo Arte Robotic vacuum comes with the welcome feature of automatic scheduling. Therefore you can set it to clean while you are at work or at home, simply by using the remote control that comes with Yijin.

This best vacuuming robot comprises a built-in cliff sensor that keeps it away from falling down the stairs. To stop it from going to other places it should not go, you place area boundary tape that comes with it. When the sensors detect the boundary tape, the robot turns around. This Iclebo Arte has 15 sensors to detect and thus it safely walks around the house to clean.

Iclebo Arte YCR-M05 has 5 cleaning modes. The 1st mode which is called Navigation mode tells the robot vacuum to move in a back and forth motion. The third mode of Yujin robot is called the Random mode moves in a random pattern which is used to clean rooms containing more dirt in it. The vacuum cleaner goes in a random pattern for a full 60 minutes then it stops. Iclebo Arte Robotic vacuum also has a Spot mode and Max mode that combines both the 1st and 3rd cleaning mode.

Then the final mode is the Wet mop, where you joined the damp microfiber cloth and it goes along the zigzag pattern.

To perform navigation, the Iclebo uses a combination of 15 sensors, including 3 in front of the bumper to navigate around barriers. In addition to that, the robot vacuum also has a camera mounted on top to “vision map” the room. It is said that the sensors recognize the environment around it 200 times per second and the navigation software working through 10,800 calculations per second. The camera takes photos at a rate of 24 frames per second.


Specification Name Value
Yujin Robot
Item model number
iClebo Arte YCR-M05
Product Dimensions
13.4 x 13.4 x 3.5 inches
Item Weight
6.2 pounds
Cleaner type

Yujin Iclebo Arte

Yujinn Robot is a robot specialized company that was established in March 1988. The company researches and develops intelligent type service robots. Hence supply convenient to our lives with 25 years of knowledge in robot business. The service robot products from Yujin includes Iclebo, the cleaning robot, Irobi Q, first network education robot, Robosam, foreign language education robot. 

They also produce robots to conduct dangerous work, silver care robot etc. Yujin Robot leads the future of robot industry in Korea by improving the quality of the service robots. It also conducts the continuous development of technology and makes the best attempts to develop as a reliable and respectful company.


  • Self Cleaning
  • Advanced Navigation Remote Control
  • Camera Mapping Technology
  • Smart Detection Sensor


  • Not very noisy
  • Low 3.5 inch clearance
  • Has a mop feature
  • HEPA filtration
  • Predictable back and forth cleaning pattern
  • Two side brushes
  • Can go over obstacles 20mm in height


  • May have trouble finding “home base” on large areas
  • Manual does not say if it has cliff sensors


Where to send Iclebo Arte YCR-M05 for warranty work?

Iclebo Arte YCR-M05 can be sent for warranty work to its customer service centres.


The iClebo brand is one of the best cleaners in the category of robot vacuums. It is worth every penny of the asking price because of the performance it guarantees on and delivers. The iClebo Arte YCR-M05 is equipped with a charging base and remote control. Yujin Robot also has smart technology for cleaning rooms systematically and automatic height adjustment. Hence it can glide easily from hardwood floors onto the carpet with ease. Iclebo Arte YCR M05 is an excellent option for your cleaning needs. Hope you all enjoyed the Iclebo Arte YCR-M05 vacuum cleaner reviews. Stay in touch with us to get latest and updated Robotic vacuum cleaners. Thank you!!! Happy shopping!!!

All-in-one, iClebo Arte Robot Vacuum is the perfect cleaner for all surfaces like Hardwood floors, carpets, etc. With Advanced Navigation Remote Control Camera-Mapping Technology, it self-cleans your home smartly.

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