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ILIFE A7 Robotic Vacuum Mop Cleaner for Sale

There are a couple of things as tiresome as family unit tasks. Yet, fortunately, innovation has so often swooped in to enable us to try everything out and make life easier. The Ilife A7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is named as the successor to the iLife A4s, so you are taking a gander at a robot vacuum that is intended to handle light covers and tiles for the most part. Also, we are just looking at vacuuming here – for any cleaning activity. You will need to take a gander at the organization’s different models. Make sure to refer iLife A7 Review wirh complete set of features, pros and cons. 

ILIFE A7 Review for 2020

The overall design of the Ilife A7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner pursues what we have seen from most robot vacuums – round fit as a fiddle with a couple of switches at the top. The Ilife A7 Vacuum for Sale highlights two turning brushes on either side, which gets into most corners for ideal cleaning. Each of the brushes is color-coded so you can accurately supplant either the left or right brush, and they go on and off reasonably effectively. They work together to clear trash into the mouth of the underside suction entry and the dustbin.  

Ilife A7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Features

Normally, when the traditional vacuum cleaners have a single mode of cleaning, it has only sucked the dirt from the surfaces and collected it inside the bag. This process is done manually in the old traditional vacuum cleaners. However the Ilife A7 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has a special feature installed in it. In this Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair, you will find the path mode in which the vacuum cleaner cleans the surface back and forth while cleaning. You can likewise pick auto mode, which is useful for floor cover cleaning in light of the fact that the vacuum comes to the dividers and, after that, cleans the center zones.

Back in days, you need to take your vacuum cleaner all around the place where you want to start cleaning. With the advancement of technologies, the Ilife A7 Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner has made your dream come true. This Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet will do all the hard work. The only thing you will have to do is press the start button, set some settings, and the machine is good to go. It will clean the house for you all by itself. You can control it remotely with the help of a smartphone application or the remote control as well. This feature makes it the Best Ilife Robot Vacuum indeed.

While using the traditional vacuum cleaners, you always need to plug the machine to an AC power source to the nearest slot with the help of a cord that did not use to be as long as to cover the whole room space. The Ilife A7 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has come up with the self-recharging feature. You just need to plug the charging dock to the power source, and your vacuum cleaner will find it and charge its battery. When the battery is about to exhaust, the system generates the trigger. After generating the trigger, the vacuum cleaner starts moving towards the charging dock and charges itself.

 With the inflexible shape and size, it is also difficult to store it in less space. It used to occupy a significant amount of unnecessary space, which can be used for other purposes. The Ilife A7 Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner has eliminated this issue by providing a compact model. This Automatic vacuum cleaner is just 13 x 13 x 3 inches. With this compact size, it can move freely anywhere it wants. You can clean the floor under your bed or sofa as well without bending down or taking any kind of effort.

Hygiene is compromised when you have a pet inside your house. Usually, the pets are hairy and messy which wander all around the house and create a mess. Collecting every hair from all the corners of the house is the job that is impossible manually. Without any help from the machine, it is quite a tough job. With the help of the Ilife A7 Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner, you can have a clean environment for your home. You just have to push a single button, and the next thing you will observe is that, without taking extra efforts, the job is done well.

The Ilife A7 Robot Vac has the feature of multi-scheduling as well. With the help of this feature, you can set multiple schedules at the same time. Your vacuum cleaner will start working as per these schedules automatically. It keeps the record of the clock and generates the trigger to start cleaning as per the setting when the time is reached.

The Ilife A7 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner can also be connected with the Wi-Fi and controlled remotely with the help of your smart device. You just have to download the Ilife smartphone application on your device and pair it with the vacuum cleaner. With the help of this application, you can control all the features associated with the vacuum cleaner.

Ilife A7 Robotic Vacuum Specifications

Specification Name Value
Product Dimension
13 x 13 x 3 inches
Product Weight
5.5 pounds
Power Source
Lithium Battery
2600 mAh
Item Model Number
220 – 280 minutes
Cleaning Modes
Warranty period
1 Year
Auto Recharge and Dock
Path Mode





Yes, the Ilife A7 Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner is suitable for cleaning in carpets as well as rugs.

No, the Ilife A7 Robot Vacuum Mop Cleaner does not make too much noise while cleaning. It’s almost noiseless.

The voltage requirement for the Ilife A7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is in between 110 Volts to 220 Volts.

Yes, the Ilife A7 Robot Vacuum Cleaner can clean pet hair very efficiently.

Yes, the robot can easily change from carpet cleaning to floor cleaning and back.

Bottom Line

Over all iLife A7 Review will help you to choose best Robot Vacuum Cleaner with a  little display that demonstrates to you the present cleaning mode, battery level, and time. It likewise shows any mistake messages if this Best Robot Vacuum for Carpet keeps running into issues while cleaning.  As the docking station needs to have at any rate 1 meter of space on both sides, and 2 meter of space before it. So placing the iLife Mopping Robot into a corner of your condo isn’t going to work. The client manual likewise encourages you to cover any mirrors or intelligent surfaces up to 15 cm from the floor, apparently to maintain a strategic distance from the robot’s route frameworks from being disturbed.

The Ilife A7 Vacuum for Sale is a decent choice for people. It can be controlled in many ways, comes with five cleaning modes, and is also suitable for pet hair. After you have initially charged it, the next charges should take less time, as the Ilife Mopping Robot figures out how to clean your space all the more productively. It’s essential to note that the robot has its own little power switch on the right side of its body, which should be on altogether for planned cleaning to occur.

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