iLife – Best rated robot vacuum reviews 2019


Regular cleaning of any type of floor will improve the appearance of your floors. iLife Robot Vacuum is also one of the top rated robot vacuum cleaners. According to Home Floor Experts, regular vacuuming can also increase the air quality of your home. Hence, you may have many, positive health benefits. Vacuuming can also increase the life of your carpet, freeing trapped particles. Otherwise, they could be ground deep into the carpet, abrading the fibres over time and hence damage the floor. The main feature that makes a robotic vacuum so beneficial is the simple fact that you can run it every day, with least effort. And there is a lot to know about these Robotic vacuum cleaners. Hence, Im here presenting you the top rated robot vacuum cleaners from iLife.

iLife Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2019

iLife robot Vacuum 2019 reviews

The iLife Robot Vacuum is the most affordable robotic vacuums available right now in the market with eight variants that cost between. All these Best robotic vacuum cleaners from iLife are available at Amazon. Here, we give you the eight variants to give you a bird’s eye view of how each performs, the performance, pros and cons, features, and so on.

1. iLife A4S Robot vacuum cleaner

The iLife A4s vacuum robot comes with an updated tangle-free bearing system and a mini-room mode. The main cleaning component of this iLife Robot vacuum A4S is the bristle brush. This sweeps up dust and hair from hardwood, carpets, and tiled floors. iLife vacuum also has two rotating side brushes near the front which sweeps dust out of corners and along wall edges. The dirt and dust are then sucked up into its dustbin. Moreover, the dustbin capacity of this iLife A4s robot vacuum cleaner is 450 millilitres. The ilIfe A4s gets its cordless power from a high-performance 2600mAH Lithium-ion battery. This battery needs to be charged for at least 12 hours for the first three times to increase the life and performance of the battery. The battery charge could last for 150 minutes of vacuum cleaning.iLife A4S Robot vacuum cleaner

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The A4s randomly moves around multiple rooms in a house until it needs to recharge its battery. When its battery is low, this robot vacuum returns to its docking station to recharge. The recharge time is about Five hours. The iLife Robotic vacuum also changes direction when it encounters an obstacle or a wall. The only thing about this A4s is, it does not include a virtual wall to restrict its access to only one room. Finally, the extra accessories that come with this iLife A4S are an adapter, Charging dock home base, two extra side brushes, cleaning tool, an extra HEPA filter, user manual and remote control (without batteries). ILIFE has also added a feature that small homeowners will appreciate. And we call this the Mini-Room technology.


  • Long run time.
  • HEPA Filtration.
  • Mini room feature.
  • One of the cheapest robot vacuum.
  • Low profile design.


  • Lack of virtual wall.

2. iLife V5S Robot vacuum cleaner

The iLife V5S Robot vacuum cleaner has a max suction power of 850Pa. iLife best robot vacuum makes use of the 2600 mAh Lithium Ion battery. This allows it to works continuously for up to 2 and half hours. On a single charge, the iLife vacuum can deliver a run time of 140 minutes. However, it is good enough to clean 2000 to 2500 sq. Ft. of your floor space. The ilife V5S robot vacuum can recharge completely in less than 5 hours. BY Considering these values, I could say the battery is excellent. The best option where the iLife V5S vacuum does not compromise is the filtration system. The first level of the filtration is assured by a plastic filter. On the second level, it’s fitted with a HEPA filter, which catches 99 percent of all dust particles.

iLife v5s

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The filtration system is adequate enough to capture microscopic allergens and odour-causing bacteria. iLife V5S comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. Just like the other robot vacuum cleaners from ILIFE, V5S also has both wet and dry cleaning modes. This best vacuum robot 2019 comes with an IR remote that allows you to select the modes and control other functions. The V5S robot vacuum has an improved mop-moistening feature called the I-Dropping technology. This assures the mop is sufficiently hydrated to provide an efficient clean. The iLife V5s also comes with TPU bumpers that protect your furniture from scuff marks in case of accidental collisions. The iLife V5S Pro comes with four cleaning modes, which are Spot, Auto, Edge, and Scheduled.


  • 2 in 1 functionality.
  • Multiple cleaning modes.
  • i dropping technology.
  • Advanced navigation sensors.
  • Dual charging mode.


  • Lack of Wifi compatibility.

3. iLife A6 Robotic vacuum cleaner

iLIFE A6 comes with a sleek design and has a tempered glass top cover the robot vacuum cleaner’s jet black colour for the body. The iLIFE Robot vacuum A6 is only 2.8 inches high, allowing it to easily reach under furniture pieces with low bottoms. However, to start cleaning, press the Auto button that you see on top of the ILIFE V6. The robot vacuum will immediately start cleaning. Once battery energy runs out, the robovac will go back to its dock for recharge. You can also easily schedule your cleaning using the remote control of iLIFe A6. Moreover, this is the first robot vacuum from ILIFE to use the second generation CyclonePower. This follows a three-stage cleaning system that makes use of several components of the iLIFE A6, such as the second generation motor, Blade away spiral brush, Max Mode, Roadrover wheels, and Dust Box.

iLife A6 Robotic vacuum cleaner

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The motor of this iLife Robot Vacuum has side brushes that sweep debris, dirt, and dust into the vacuum cleaner’s path to make it easier to catch and suction. If you are cleaning rugs or carpets, you can get ten times the normal air power to make it easier to dislodge dust hiding in your carpet. Meanwhile, the Roadrover wheels make the iLIFE A6  vacuum much more mobile and can easily avoid the obstacles that it meets. With the iLIFE vacuum A6, you get the benefit of having a long-lasting battery. This can give you two hours and forty-five minutes of cleaning before the vacuum gets the recharge. Additionally, you have the big dirt box that has an ultra-performance filter. However, the filter keeps small particles inside the dust chamber so that it does not move back into the air.


  • High-performance motor.
  • Best scheduling feature.
  • Mini room technology.
  • Ease of use.


  • Navigation needs to be improved.

4. iLife V3S Robotic vacuum cleaner

The ILife V3S robotic vacuum is the perfect choice for a pet owner to have at home. Pet hair technology of this ILIFE robot vacuum helps to remove pet’s hair and debris while you attend to more important work. It also helps keep allergies away as the low and small profile assure the robot to reach hard places and eliminates dust and other allergens. The robovac just has to be scheduled to perform the tasks as required and it simply follows the schedule as required. This best robot vacuum for carpet not only vacuums your home but also dry mops to keep every nook of your home clean and neat.iLife V3S Robotic vacuum cleaner

The iLife Robot vacuum automatically docks to recharge itself once its battery has drained. This best robot vacuum also has a set of 14 built-in sensors that prevent the robot from bumping into things and falling from stairs. The ILIFE V3S robotic vacuum cleaner can be programmed to do the sweeping, based on a choice from 4 different modes through its remote control. However, the spot mode is best used for removing hair or heavy fur from floors. If there’s no particular option to use to remove the dirt from your home, just touch the ‘clean’ button, and the robot automatically does its job. Moreover, there’s no fear of the ilife vacuum bumping into obstacles or falling off stairs as it comes with a suite of 14 built-in smart sensors.


  • Produce very less noise.
  • Prevents bumping into things.
  • Four cleaning modes.
  • Can charge itself automatically.
  • Conveniently removes dust under furniture.


  • Sometimes the vacuum tends to get trapped.

5. iLife A4 vacuum cleaner Robot

iLife A4 vacuum is one of the best robot vacuums. The top of the ilife Robot vacuum A4 contains a bumper and a multi-function button. Moreover, the bottom contains the wheels, sensors, brushes, and charging pins. The multi-function button of this iLife A4 robot vacuum cleaner glows different colours depending on the status of A4. To the rear of the iLife A4, are the power switch/charging port and a dustbin. However, the bin can be easily removed from the rear. Once removed, you can open the bin to empty it and remove all the parts to clean them. The charging dock is also very simple. The adapter of this iLife Robot vacuum plugs into the right side, and there is a green LED to notify when it is powered up. Two small tabs on the bottom connect with the ILIFE to charge it.

iLife A4 vacuum cleaner Robot

Last update was on: July 16, 2019 9:30 am

Once you set up the dock, and the A4 vacuum is fully charged, there are several ways to use the vacuum. Firstly, you can press the multi-function button on the ilife A4’s body or press the “Clean” button that is there on the remote control. Then the robot will back away from the base and begin to clean your home. And another way to use the vacuum robot is to schedule a time for the vacuum robot to clean automatically. To do this, you point the remote at the ilife A4 robot vacuum and press the “Clock” button. You set the time and press the clock button again. The LCD screen that comes with this ilife A4 displays the current time and the time you choose to have the robot automatically clean. The arrow buttons change the robot vacuum’s direction, and the max button extends the suction power.


  • Superior battery.
  • IR Sensors.
  • Side brushes.
  • HEPA filtration.
  • Remote works well.


  • Not for heavy cleaning.

6. ILIFE V7S robot Vacuum

If the power is running low, this Smart iLife robot will go back to the charging base and starts it recharge. With this Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Whether it is confetti debris, cigarette butts and ash, or beans and seeds shell, it is easy for you to clean them up. Suitable for the floor, cement, ceramic tile, wooden floor, undercoat carpet.ILIFE V7S robot Vacuum

 Intelligent drop avoidance induction IR sensors IR sensors will detect edges and avoid falling down stairs It will avoid the obstacles and change direction automatically. It only drips when the vacuum robot is cleaning. The water tank of this iLife can hold up to 450 ml that is enough to mop your floors. ILIFE V7S has infrared sensors that enable it to avoid sharp drops and obstacles. This best robot vacuum can stay away from stairs and clean effortlessly around all your furniture.


  • Cleans all floor types.
  • Produces very low noise.
  • Dual filter.
  • Better water tank.
  • Anti-drop sensors.
  • Easy to use.


  • No HEPA filtration.

7. iLife V7 Robot vacuum

iLife V7 and V7S look like the same, but there are lots of differences between the two. The ILIFE V7 robot vacuum comes in a nice dark blue finish with a single clean button. Mainly, unlike ilife V7S, it does not have any water tank. Hence, this vacuum will not be able to wet mop your tiled floors. This iLife robot is purely a vacuum with a dry mopping capability. One of the options of this iLife would be spraying the mop with a cleaning solution so that you can at least damp mop on a small area. With the ilife V7 robotic vacuum cleaner, you can see a dry dirt bin, similar to what you will get from the V7S. Hence, you can easily say that it will be able to hold around 0.5 litres of dry dirt. One of the unique features of the ILIFE V7 is App.

ilife V7

After downloading the V7 app make sure to turn on your phone’s Bluetooth connectivity. However, without it, you cant connect to the robot. Also, make sure to turn on the robot vacuum. Aside from the App, this ilife robot vacuum also comes with the same remote control as its twin. Another similarity with the V7S is the number of side brushes. The V7 also comes with the same double V brush as the ilife V7S which means it has both bristles and a squeegee in a V pattern. The motorized brush of this ilife V7 combines stiff bristles with a squeegee which is similar to a Neato robot vacuum brush. This best ilife vacuum can also avoid bumping into large obstacles like walls, boxes and doors. Moreover, it does occasionally bump into narrow things like the foot of the bed and the black tower under the table.


  • Very long run time.
  • Solid navigation.
  • Easy to empty the dustbin.
  • Dry mopping option.
  • Dry dirt capacity.


  • No wet mopping feature.
  • No WiFi coonectivity (Can connect through Bluetooth)

How to select the best Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

Purchasing a robotic vacuum cleaner can be a large investment. However, this vacuum robot can reduce your work time. This best robot vacuum cleaner can save wear and tear on your flooring by sucking up dirt that darkens carpet. The robotics can also clear all the particles that can scratch hardwood flooring all on its own. Hence, we should be aware of the important things that we need to look in a robotic vacuum.

Things to Consider

Size of your house

When you are planned to buy a robotic vacuum cleaner, you need to first consider how large your house is. Some vacuum cleaners are designed for apartments. Therefore these robot vacuums may not have the ability on a single charge to wander around your big house and clean it up. While Other vacuum cleaners can cruise around 2,000 square feet with ease and hence, you need not worry about their battery lives. Your robot vacuum choice will completely depend in large part on the size of your house. Hence, make sure to have your square footage ready. However, you also need to consider the size of the robotic vacuum itself. Because, if you want it to clean up underneath your furniture, should choose a short one. Robot vacuums taller than 4-5 inches, may not be able to get those dust bunnies gathering under your bed or dresser.

Batteries & Charging Stations

All the Robot vacuum cleaners use a battery. Because having a cord would be a total nightmare as it is going under and around chairs and tables. As it runs mainly on all batteries, there is a limit to the usage at runtime and also on lifetime longevity. Battery life translates into how long the robot can run, that means how many floors it can clean on a single charge. If your home is large, a 90-minute charge may be sufficient enough. If you live in a small apartment, 60 minutes is more than enough. Some vacuum robot cleaners have battery saving modes. Moreover, some robotic vacuum cleaners come with a “vacation mode” that requires the battery to be removed when you are not using it for extended periods of time.

Other robots can be programmed to vacuum less frequently and return to its charging base to keep topped up at all times. A robotic vacuum charging station is just that, a place for it to recharge its battery. It should be kept in a cool place and easily accessible for your vacuum to dock the vacuum itself for recharging. If your robot comes with virtual wall accessories, make sure that they are not blocking the path to the charging base. Or else you may find your vacuum robot lifeless in the middle of the floor or under the sofa.

Usage Times

Many robot vacuum cleaners runtime ranges between 30 -100 minutes. Now, some robotic vacuum cleaners can last up to 100 minutes on a single charge. And, hence we expect that to improve in the future as newer technology is developed. The runtime of all vacuum robot cleaners may decrease over time, and the battery may need to be replaced at some point of time. It is a good idea to check out battery replacement options before purchasing the robot vacuum. Moreover, some robotics have expensive batteries and may be difficult to replace without a service technician.


A Robot vacuum cleaner needs to negotiate obstacles without breaking anything. They can either bump into them and change directions or, by more sophisticated technology, as the obstacles do not touch them at all. However, narrow spaces are a major problem for most robot vacuum cleaners.  Hence, choose those vacuums that can get in to tighter corners and can go between chair legs are much better.

Moreover, the robot vacuum cleaners have to be emptied regularly and be charged at a place where they park. Most of the cleaners may not find their way back to the station and park themselves. They will just run out of energy and stop. Later, you need to put them back yourself so they can charge. But some of the robot vacuum cleaners can now boast of being able to get back to the charger on their own. Hence, all you have to do is empty the dustbin occasionally.

Remote Controls

The first generations of robot vacuum cleaners just worked by placing them down on the floor, and they wandered at free will with no real direction. Later these robotic vacuums are required a remote control to operate. Hence, the user had more control over it. Today, many of the Robovacs have remotes but also can be operated with a mobile phone or a tablet. so, you can put it the vacuum to work from an app on your phone. Once the robot gets charged, it can run for up to 75 minutes.

Depending on your shuttle and the number of stories in your house, you can come home to a freshly vacuumed home. Programming capabilities mean that you can even automate the robot vacuum through your calendar! We definitely think having the option to run your vacuum using your mobile is an ideal for your smart home!


Some people run their robot vacuums when they are not at home. Hence noise may not be an issue for those. While, others, on the other hand, run them at night, so a quiet, pleasant sound is important. Often, the trade-off is between a powerful and a quiet robot, so it is vital to weigh the importance of those two qualities.


The best robot vacuum cleaner should come with a complete set of accessories. Virtual walls are a must if you have a house full of corners and divisions. These virtual walls are also used to limit the access of your robovac to sensitive areas, such as pet rooms, kids dorms, and so on. Additional filters are of course, always welcomed. Moreover, some of the extra tools that come with robot vacuum cleaner are remote controls, extra side brushes, batteries for remote controls, product storage bags, cleaning brushes and so on. UV lighting has gained popularity with some mid-level producers, but you may not find this functionality in top brands. Remote controls are useful IMO, and few even come with their own liquid crystal display.

Why Opt iLife Robot vacuum?

ILIFE is one of the leading robotic vacuum cleaner companies which manufactures robot vacuums that help people to enjoy a clean home in a more efficient and easier way. For over 10 years, more than 10 millions of families around the world live more easily and collect that happiness with iLife Robot Vacuum cleaners and many more products. The ILIFE competitive products ranged from Powerful & Smart Cleaning partner series to Multiple and Friendly Cleaning helper series. The brand new company will easily satisfy you with the neat and clean home that your dream to spend life with. Leave more time for your family time, leave more time to be yourself.


The iLife Robot Vacuum Cleaner provides all the advanced features like Anti-Bump Technology, Self-Charging Floor Cleaner with Drop-Sensing, Water Tank, Design for Thin Carpet and  Hard Floor is a top rated robot vacuum cleaner. This iLife Robot vacuum boasts of several unique features that set it apart from ordinary cleaners. It is easy to control and can be used in a range of surfaces. Above all, it has Anti-Bump and Anti-Drop Technology that makes the ilife vacuum such a safe and durable cleaner. If you are on a budget and you are looking for a cleaner at a low price, then the iLife Robot vacuum would be a great purchase for you. Hope you all liked the ilife robot vacuum review presented here. Keep visiting us, to get latest updates on the best Robotic vacuum cleaner reviews 2018. Thank You!!!