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Samsung Powerbot R7010 Robot Vacuum

Finally, the future is here, Thanks to robot vacuums. You no longer have to waste your valuable time and your energy on those irritating cleaning tasks.  You can now get this Samsung Powerbot R7010 Robot Vacuum to clean your floors for you. These small robotic vacuum cleaners can be a great choice for most of the busy households or anyone who are sick of cleaning.

The modern robot vacuum cleaners are really using high technology, hence consisting of sensors that allow them to avoid walls. This Advanced Samsung Robotics also comes with a memory that ensures they clean the entire room and the ability to return back to their charging station once the task is done. Lets us Know more about this robotic vacuum using the Samsung powerbot review 2019.

Samsung Powerbot R7010 Robot Vacuum Reviews 2019

The Samsung POWERbot R7010 is the best robot vacuum that is worth taking a look. Consider this as your choice if you are specifically hunting for a robot vacuum or even if you are shopping for a regular vacuum. The Samsung powerbot is an advanced vacuum cleaner because of its features that make it good enough to compete with even a routine vacuuming job.

This is because the Samsung robot vacuum incorporates new advances in technology to overcome some of the more common drawbacks of other robot vacuums. Above all, the Samsung powerbot R7010 leverages some high-quality components and design to make the overall experience easier. The compact sweeper of Samsung Powerbot offers 20 times the suction power of a standard vacuum.

Hence, it is very clear that it is completely self-sufficient and has a 60-minute runtime. Moreover, we should be thankful for the internal sensor of Samsung Robot Vacuum R7010. Because this clever robotic vacuum maps out its very own cleaning path depending on the layout of your home.

More importantly, along with the corners and edges of your walls where more dirt and dust tend to accumulate. Just turn this Samsung powerbot R7010 and let it complete its task. If you are really looking for a budget-friendly robot vacuum and are willing to do a little more work yourself, Samsung Vacuum robot worth a consideration.


  • Suction Power of Samsung Robot Vacuum
  • Smart-detection and Larger wheels
  • Samsung Powerbot app and forward-mounted Camera
  • Special Features
  • High-Quality Components of Samsung Vacuum

One of the major drawbacks of any standard robotic vacuum cleaner is the limitations they have in terms of deep suction ability. Tight spaces, Obstacles, and different surfaces are all something we all could easily deal with, without thinking much about it. But this is not in case of a Robotic vacuum cleaner. They might have a hard time with these considerations. However, there are several advances built-in to the POWERbot R7010 design that make this vacuum cleaner more capable in this particular regard.

Firstly, Samsung Powerbot R7010 Robot Vacuum has specific, external suction areas, not just on the bottom of the vacuum, to reach tight spaces and even walls. Secondly, the Samsung robot vacuum has a smart-detection system that keeps it away from obstructions and hazards like stairs and flights. And finally, this Samsung vacuum cleaner has larger wheels that allow it to the transverse problematic terrain. There is nothing more irritating than seeing your vacuum cleaner snagged on a small fold of carpet. However, you will not face this problem in this Samsung powerbot. These wheels also allow it us to vacuum well on different surfaces like glass, rugs, and tile.

The Samsung Powerbot app is impressive when it works. You can have all the functionality of the remote and all the range of the Internet. After a cycle f vacuuming is done, you can even see a display of places the Powerbot has been.

This Samsung vacuum cleaner uses inferred beams and a forward-mounted camera to find its way throughout rooms. This allows the PowerBot R1070 to deal with an extensive range of situations, like dark furniture that can absorb inferred light.

If you judge the Powerbot by its performance and suction power, it is one of the best robot vacuums that is available on the market. It even has perfect features you would normally find in a full-sized vacuum. Here are some other highlights of the Samsung vacuum PowerBot.

  • When the Samsung Powerbot R7010 robot vacuum detects that it is vacuuming against a wall, the robot extends a shutter that can pull dirt away from a baseboard.
  • Moreover, the pet owners will enjoy the fact that the brush roll of Samsung Robot vacuum has a set of scrapers that shred pet hair. Hence keeping the vacuum from tangling up.
  • The R1070 is able to determine the type of surface its on and can adjust the suction accordingly.

The battery of Samsung powerbot R7010 robot vacuum has a very respectable 60 minutes of charge. This allows 1500 sq ft to be vacuumed in a single charge. This Samsung powerbot can also return to the docking station when it is running low on charge. This is very handy since it stops you ending up with a half-finished task and a vacuum that requires charging.

The Samsung vacuum itself is also impressive. For such a compact robot vacuum it has an extremely high powered suction function, which is up to 20 times more powerful than other vacuum cleaners. Above all, for pet owners, the Samsung powerbot R7010 robot vacuum has an automatic grinding feature for the content of what is vacuumed. That means you need not worry about tangled hair and fur since that can be compacted already during use.


Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Dimensions
13.7 x 13.4 x 3.8 inches
Item Weight
8.8 pounds
Dust Collection
Cyclone Technology
Dust Capacity
0.1 Gal
Tools included
Combo brush
Power Type
Rechargeable batteries
Operating Autonomy
60 minutes
Maximum Suction Power


Samsung Electronics is a South Korean company headquartered in Suwon, South Korea. The brand Samsung has sales networks in around 80 countries and employs around 307,845 people throughout the globe. It is the second largest Information Technology company by its revenue. Samsung has been a major manufacturer of electronic components like Semiconductors, chips, Lithium-ion batteries, flash memory etc. It also produces home appliances such as air purifiers, air conditioners, microwave ovens, washers, vacuum cleaners etc.


  • 20 times more powerful suction
  • Visionary mapping
  • Full view sensor
  • Cyclone Force Technology
  • Easy pass wheels
  • Intelligent Power Control
  • Recharge and Resume
  • Self Cleaning brush
  • Remote Control App
  • Optical and Infrared navigation
  • Automatic adjusting suction
  • Smart things compatible


  • No physical boundaries needed
  • Super Powerful
  • Does not bump into stuff
  • High suction while being quiet
  • Great Cleaning performance


  • Slightly taller than other robotic vacuums
  • A bit expensive
  • Somewhat noisy


What is the difference between Samsung Powerbot R7010 Robot Vacuum and R7040?

 Differences between R7010 and R7040 are:

  1. R7010 has suction of 1000 p.a. whereas R7040 has 80.
  2. R7010 does not require wifi whereas R7040 does.
How to setup Samsung Powerbot R7010 Robot Vacuum?

Samsung Powerbot R7010 should be set up by-

  1. Unpack the vacuum package.
  2. Place the vacuum on its charging base to power up.
  3. After charging up, set your customized options and the vacuum is ready to use.
How long does the Samsung Powerbot R7010 stay charged?

The Samsung Powerbot R7010 stays charged for 3 hours.

Bottom Line

Samsung Powerbot R7010 Robot Vacuum is the best robotic vacuum we tested for suction, and it cleaned quickly. It even beat out a couple of the more expensive robot vacuums for the amount of debris it collected. Once the robotic vacuum gets to the mess it will collect them with ease. The Samsung Powerbot is a great vacuum cleaner, especially for pet owners. It comes closer than any of them to the suction of a canister vacuum, and Samsung Vacuum is very good at cleaning hard flooring, too. You could have it cleaning in another room with the help of this Samsung robot vacuum while you are doing something else. You can rescue it when needed and be confident that it is cleaning more deeply than any other robotic vacuum. Hence, I suggest you look at the Samsung powerbot review and make a proper buying decision. Thank You!!!

Samsung Powerbot R7010 has Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView 2.0 Sensor that Creates optimal cleaning path and avoids obstacles. It is 20 times more suction power. This Powerful suction delivers optimal cleaning results.

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