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Samsung PowerBot VR9000 Review 2020

Cleaning is a bit monotonous, laborious, and tedious task for everyone isn’t it. But Buying a huge vacuum cleaner will take all your storage space. To avoid devoting large space, time and energy, Robotic Vacuum cleaner are the best option for you.  This Small, Compact disc-shaped Samsung Powerbot that help clean your home for you. 

They are available at almost every price point imaginable, with the prices decreasing as the technology continues to develop. Not only does this make them an affordable option for your average consumer. Here we are presenting you the best Samsung powerbot vr9000 reviews.

Samsung's Most Powerful Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for the Money​

The Samsung Powerbot VR9000 has shiny “CycloneForce” suction system and is the centrepiece. A copper-coloured turbine that sits next to the translucent, that acts as a centrifugal bin. 

The practical benefit of this Samsung Robot vacuum is that you can see when there’s a clog or when the bin is full. As of now, the Samsung PowerBot certainly looks fancy as it is a muscle car with its engine popping right out of the hood. The most notable feature is the PowerBot’s “Point Cleaning” mode lets you use the remote like a laser pointer of Samsung Vacuum robot.

At 5-plus inches, tall, the Samsung vacuum robot can fit under your sofa and is a pound and a half heavier than the remaining robotic vacuum cleaners. Other notable features include a dust sensing-mode, where the Samsung vacuum will kick into high gear whenever it senses dust and dirt.

The “Max” mode of this Samsung Powerbot R9000 activate it before a run, and the robotic vacuum will keep cleaning until the battery is just about run down. That is a great feature if you are setting the thing to vacuum even if you are at work.  Samsung Powerful Robot vr9000 works well and could come in handy if there’s a single spot on your carpet in need of a quick clean.

Samsung VR9000 ROBOT VC with Cyclone Force FEATURES

The navigational capabilities of this PowerBot VR9000 are extraordinary compared to all robotic vacuums. Using an array of built-in sensors and an upward-facing, ceiling-tracking camera, the Samsung robotic vacuum maps out the room. Hence feeling its way around the perimeter and throughout any obstacles that could be present.

Once it’s got the lay of your living room figured out, Samsung powerbot vr9000 cleans up and down the carpet in neat, orderly rows and columns. It’s an effective strategy, with the Samsung PowerBot consistently clocking in at about five minutes per run across dozens of rectangular pens.

With a couple of glow sticks stuck to the powerbot Samsung head to help visualize its movements. You can see right away that the glow sticks of Samsung robotic vacuum cleaner shine brightest around the edges. Hence the Samsung robotic vacuum spends most of its time there feeling its way around the space. 

The curves and squiggles represent instances where the robotic vacuum detects a wall and course-corrects. Once the Robotic vacuum has its bearings, it cleans up and down through the middle, then returns to the base station to recharge.

The Samsung Robotic vacuum boasts a float of sensors to help it map out and navigate the room. It gives you a thorough cleaning and avoid falling off ledges and travel around obstacles. In fact, this is one of the most sensitive cleanings robot vacuum cleaners for protecting furniture.

The five cleaning modes of Samsung vacuum robot are Spot, cover Auto, Max, Manual and Point. Each Robotic vacuum has subtly different parameters of operation. The Standard Auto mode sets off the Samsung robotic Vacuum cleaner across the room where it seems to sweep in arcs measuring and mapping the room.

The Spot clean mode of Samsung vacuum cleaner VR9000 is ideal for small dry spills. You manually place the Powerbot Samsung in the centre of the debris. The Best Rated robotic vacuum navigates its way around an area approximately 1.5m x 1.5m around the place until its down facing sensors declare the space clean. If it’s the insight of its base, the robot will shuffle back home for a recharge, too.

The Max clean mode of this Samsung VR 9000 increases the cleaning power with a commensurate increase in noise and decrease in runtime. Although the runtime is still enough to get around your lounge, the additional cleaning power is well worth the reduced runtime. The most entertaining modes of Samsung robot vacuum are, however, Manual and Point.

Navigation is a bit hit and misses for any Powerbot. The sensors do a fine job of assuring every inch of a room is covered. But its ability to negotiate small steps, either up or down, and propensity to catch cables and other debris let the Samsung Robot boom up. In full Auto mode, it uses a mixed path of straights and long sweeps to map the room. 

Sometimes this looked odd and did go over all five of our test areas in the room completely. This best robot vacuum approaches chair legs and walls by slowing, stopping and turning and hence is very kind to your furniture. The only caveat is Samsung Powerbot seems to have a slight blind spot to the corner as it does a sweeping arc. Once it is collided with a bike in the hallway and pushed it over.

However, a thick rug in the middle of the hard floor was a constant battle for the Powerbot. It would mostly see it as a permanent obstacle and steer away from it. But every few passes it could then try to mount its way onto the rug. This it struggled with as the leading edge tended to catch up on the 18mm tall rug edge.


Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Dimensions
14.2 x 14.7 x 5.3 inches
Item Weight
10.5 pounds
Airborne Copper
Cleaner Type
90 Day warranty
Max noise level
76 dB
Tools included
Motorized brush
Battery Technology
Lithium Ion
Full Charging time
160 minutes
Operating autonomy
60 minutes
Special Features
Manual cleaning mode, CycloneForce system, max cleaning mode, Easy Pass wheels, remote control, spot cleaning mode, onboard scheduling, turbo mode, FullView Sensor, LED display, automatic return for charging, Visionary mapping plus a navigation system, Point Cleaning, auto mode, dust sensor mode.





Does this Samsung VR9000 POWERbot have connect with wifi?

Yes, Samsung VR9000 POWERbot does have WiFi connectivity.

Does Samsung VR9000 come with a new battery?

Yes, Samsung VR9000 comes with a new battery.

Bottom Line

Looking for most advanced robot vacuum on the market, the Samsung Powerbot VR9000 is the way to go. Hope you enjoyed the Samsung powerbot review. The Samsung Powerbot VR900 is a Must Buy Robot vacuum cleaner with an emerging technology. This goes beyond novelty with its unique features that make it easier to use. 

Although this powerbot has plenty of cutting-edge gadgetry, there is no problem getting around a room. Moreover, the suctioning dirt doesnt allow the dust on a low couch or in the form of pet hair. If you just want a robotic vacuum to help maintain your floors, the Samsung is outclassed by all other Robotic vacuum cleaners.  

Samsung VR9000 POWERbot Cleaning Robot Vacuum is the great vacuum cleaner which maintains great suction power. Also, there will be no much problem with clogging in this model. Al-inclusive, it is an excellent product which you can get at the best price on Amazon.

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