Top 10 Samsung Powerbot Robot Vacuums 2019


Robot vacuum cleaners are autonomous and mostly they are known to be intelligent. A robovac can save your valuable time from minutes to hours every week by taking care of a pretty thankless chore. That single reason is sufficient enough to for most of the people to consider this robotic vacuum. Different robo vaccums may not always handle the same types of floors. Some of the vacuum cleaners in this roundup shall roll right over rugs and can plush carpets with ease. While some other robot vacuums will struggle to mount a thick rug but can clean hard floors without complaint. Some of the Best Robovacs can handle obstacles in very different way. Samsung Powerbot Robotic vacuum is one of the best robotic vacuums. Let us know more about the top rated Samsung robot vacuum cleaners in the following section.

Best Samsung Robot Vacuum Reviews 2019

The Samsung Powerbot has more features than any robot vacuum that is available on the market. Most Advanced features like camera-aided room-mapping and laser-guided spot cleaning make the Samsung Vacuum more sophisticated than many other robotic vacuum cleaners. With its tall wheels and a powerful motor, the Samsung Robot can easily get on top of most carpets, and the good navigation system will keep Samsung from bumping into things. Let us have a look at the top rated and best Samsung robot vacuum.

Samsung Robot Vacuum cleaner reviews 2019

Top 10 Samsung Vacuum Robot Cleaner for Sale 2019

$300.00 2 used from $189.99 2 new from $300.00
in stock
Samsung POWERbot R7010 Robot Vacuum
$349.00 10 used from $169.00 9 new from $349.00
in stock
Samsung POWERbot R7040 Robot Vacuum, Works with Alexa
$489.99 2 used from $179.00 3 new from $489.99
in stock
Samsung POWERbot R9000 Robot Vacuum
$499.98 4 used from $170.57 5 new from $499.98
in stock
Samsung POWERbot R9020 Essential Robotic Vacuum
$545.08 $799.00 3 used from $229.00 8 new from $499.49
in stock
Samsung POWERbot R7090 Pet Robot Vacuum, Works with Alexa
$549.99 $599.00 9 used from $259.00 3 new from $549.99
in stock
Samsung POWERbot R7065 Robot Vacuum, Works with Amazon Alexa
$599.00 $699.00 11 used from $199.99 7 new from $520.00
in stock
Samsung POWERbot R7070 Pet Robot Vacuum, Works with Alexa
$787.73 $1,199.99 10 used from $349.00 11 new from $549.99
in stock
Samsung POWERbot R9350 Turbo Robot Vacuum, Works with Alexa
$889.98 $999.00 9 used from $269.99 3 new from $889.98
in stock
Samsung POWERbot R9250 Robot Vacuum, Works with Alexa
$988.88 1 used from $1,500.00 1 new from $988.88
out of stock
Samsung POWERbot Star Wars Limited Edition – Darth Vader

1. Samsung Powerbot R7070

The Samsung Powerbot R7070 Vacuum Cleaner measures 3.8 Height, 13.4 inches width and 13.7 inches Depth. This best Samsung Powerbot weighs a massive 9.5 pounds. That Powerbot Samsung is also tall but is not that tall that it can’t slip under some lower profile furniture. This Samsung vacuum powerbot can able to clean under most beds. Sometimes it might struggle with coffee tables and couches. While most Smart robot vacuum cleaners are circular in shape, the Powerbot Samsung is an elongated D-shape. The front bumper of this Samsung robot Vacuum is a straight edge, which helps it clean corners and gets right up against walls.

Samsung Powerbot R7070

On top, you can observe a camera in a corner behind the bumper. Below the Powerbot, you can find a top-loading dustbin and release latch. And at the rear, there exists a touch display with a cleaning mode button, a docking button and a play/pause button. If you flip the Samsung vacuum powerbot over, you can notice a self-cleaning roller, drop sensors, two main wheels, one rear wheel, charging contacts, and an On/Off switch. As for accessories, the Samsung Robot Vacuum comes with an extra filter, standard charging dock, and a remote control. Rather than a battery-powered virtual wall, you get a roll of magnetic tape that you can use to cordon off areas that you don’t want the robot to clean. The washable filter produces affordable and simple upkeep.


  • Quiet.
  • A good cleaning with turbo mode.
  • Stronger Suction.
  • Great Cleaning performance.
  • Multi-Room navigation.
  • Returns to Dock automatically.


  • Buggy app.
  • Less warranty.

2. Samsung Powerbot R7040

The Samsung Powerbot R7040 is one of the good robotic vacuum cleaners. This robot vacuum Samsung has a powerful and efficient cleaning ability. The Powerbot Samsung comes has strong wheels with grip to go around hurdles and a highly intelligent mapping system. This new Samsung robot vacuum cleaner has the ability to sense and transit between carpet floors and hardwoods. The installation of this Samsung Vacuum Powerbot R7040 is also pretty easy and you can get a grip on it remotely with the help of a Wi-Fi connection. You just plug in the Samsung docking station, switch on the on / off switch underneath the vacuum to give it power and set the Samsung-Powerbot R7040 on the dock to charge. To set up the Wi-Fi, just install and download the Samsung Smart Home app.Samsung Powerbot R7040

Press a button on the remote control of this Samsung Powerbot to make it possible for the wi-fi to pair, and takes a few minutes for the installation to complete. The Samsung POWERbot R7040 Robot Vacuum comes with several cleaning settings, such as “Spot”, “Auto” clean and “Manual”. You can set it to vacuum on a ready schedule or at intervals in a single day. This robot vacuum is able to clean your home in one single pass, or you can make it go through the house constantly. Moreover, the cleaning settings have 3 modes, “Turbo”, “Normal” and “Quiet”. The Edge Cleaning system is also one of the best features of this Samsung Robot vacuum Cleaner.


  • Easy pass wheels.
  • Intelligent power control.
  • 60 minutes cleaning time.
  • App set up is really easy.
  • Can be controlled through remote or any companion app.


  • Needs a better battery.
  • Small dustbin.

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Nobody really enjoys vacuuming right?. That is why the idea of a robot vacuum cleaner is a dream to most of the people. Xiaomi mi robot vacuum is one among them.

3. Samsung Powerbot R9000

The Samsung Powerbot R9000 is the latest robot vacuum cleaner possessing a host of sensors to navigate your room and avoid obstacles. A wide drum brush gives a comprehensive cleaning. Moreover, the CycloneForce of this Samsung Powerbot delivers up to 60 times more suction than most of the other robot cleaners on the market. This Smart Samsung Robot Vacuum R9000 is quite a stocky beast with ‘bling’ design arrayed with LED indicator lights. The Samsung vacuum powerbot find its way back to charge dock even when its power is weakening while in another room. Powerbot Samsung R9000 comes with a remote control that enables you to laser-point the dirty spots that need extra attention. The robotic vacuum is fully programmable and comes with a virtual guard tower that can be used to avoid areas or confine it to a single room.

Samsung Powerbot R9000

The best feature of this Samsung VR9000 is its large brush bar, as its 31cm wide gives a considerably larger cleaning width per pass than most other robotic vacuum cleaners. This also makes the Powerbot Samsung vacuum itself very wide and however, the large cyclonic drum makes it tall, too. The dustbin that comes with this Samsung Robot vacuum is a fairly reasonable 0.7-litre capacity. Samsung Robot vacuum R9000 has a Virtual Guard emitter. Samsung Robot creates an invisible ‘virtual’ line with 2.5m long that the robovac cannot cross. Setting up the Powerbot Samsung is relatively straightforward. What you need to do is to just select a programme from the top buttons or remote control and press start button. Timer and scheduled cleaning are available in this Powerbot when you have set up the clock function.


  • Decent navigation.
  • Gentle on furniture.
  • Good on hard floors.
  • Protective Virtual line.
  • Powerful suction.


  • Expensive.
  • Struggled with small steps.

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A Robotic vacuum is an advanced gadget that can help people clean their houses in a smarter way. There are many manufacturers that are creating the best robot vacuum cleaner on the market. Eufy Robovac 11 is one of the best rated robotic vacuum cleaners that are available on the market today.

4. Samsung Powerbot R7010 robot vacuum

Samsung R7010 is one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners. The suction from this vacuum was impressive on every surface. The cool transparent window on top of the Samsung Powerbot allows you to see the results of its hard work. One thing that makes this unit convenient is its Wi-Fi connectivity. You can control this robotic vacuum cleaner through your smartphone or Amazon Alexa. Conserve time and effort by letting the Samsung R7010 robotic vacuum done with the vacuuming for you. Edge Clean Master innovation that comes with this Samsung Powerbot R7010 includes an ingenious shutter that extends out to record particles caught in corners. Onboard digital electronic camera and 9 specific clever sensing units of this Powerbot produce an ideal cleansing.

Samsung Powerbot R7010

With the help of this Samsung Powerbot R7010, you can get constant power with less blocking. Big wheels of this robot vacuum move efficiently over barriers.  The broad motorized brush enables the POWERbot to tidy bigger locations with less motion. The strong turning movement of this Samsung Robotic vacuum cleaner assists loosens up caught dirt particles, while suction throughout the whole brush extends pick-up from end to end. This best Samsung Robot vacuum immediately spots surface area type to improve suction power. From wood to carpet floor covering, and whatever between, the POWERbot senses the surface area type to supply ideal cleansing.  When the battery runs low the Samsung robot instantly relocates to the docking station to charge itself. Once the robot is totally charged it returns to its previous area and resumes cleansing.


  • Picks up lots of dust.
  • Takes care of corners and edges.
  • Slows down automatically, before touching an obstacle.
  • High suction.
  • Quiet.


  • Slightly taller.
  • A bit expensive.

5. Samsung Powerbot R7065 Robotic Vacuum

The Samsung Powerbot R7065 vacuum is just as powerful as it looks. This best robot vacuum has a digital display with touch buttons. The POWERbot Samsung is equipped with a durable set of wheels that adjust to the specific surface. However, its long working time allows the Samsung Robot to cover a lot of area on single battery cycle. Moreover, you need not bother about the robo vacuum running into your furniture or falling down the stairs as it not only contains multiple sensors but also a digital camera. Hence, the robot is capable of quickly learning how each room is configured. Due to its inventive brush system, the robovac is less likely to tangle and leave behind dirt and dust. It also utilizes cyclonic suction to assure that the suction power doesn’t fluctuate.

Samsung Powerbot R7065

you can control a variety of functions from a smartphone or the included remote, such as changing the suction strength, setting a cleaning schedule, choosing a vacuuming mode and docking the robovac. This Samsung robotic vacuum moves like a dream at a fast rate of 12.6 inches per second. With the black finish and gunmetal grey accents, the Samsung R7065 has a masculine and strong appearance. The wheels of this Samsung Powerbot R7065 are specifically designed to help the 9.5-pound, 3.8-inch-tall robot vacuum over thresholds as high as 0.6 inches. Samsung robotic vacuum can easily move from one type of floor to another by raising and lowering the wheels if necessary. On this POWERbot R7065, there are touch buttons and a digital display that gives the robovac a modern appeal.


  • Easy pass wheels.
  • Edge cleaning technology.
  • Wifi connectivity.
  • Wide brush.
  • Great and smart power control.
  • Washable filter.


  • Run time.
  • Need to be a bit good on carpets.

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Regular cleaning of any type of floor will improve the appearance of your floors. iLife Robot Vacuum is also one of the top rated robot vacuum cleaners. According to Home Floor Experts, regular vacuuming can also increase the air quality of your home.

6. Samsung Powerbot R9020 Robovac

When compared to other robot cleaners, Samsung R9020 has 10 times more suction force. Hence, making the robot deliver amazing results. The Samsung robot vacuum allows you to handle other things as it vacuums your house. The Powerbot Samsung is durable, and one can expect to use it for a longer period. With this Samsung R9020 robot cleaner, you can easily vacuum the entire home within a short time. The robot easily navigates the complete home and also avoids all the obstacles that get in its way. You can program the robotic vacuum to conduct cleaning as needed even in your absence. The cleaning power of this Samsung vacuum cleaner is one of the main aspects people look for.

Samsung Powerbot R9020

The Samsung R9020 robotic vacuum will collect all the animal and human hairs in the house leaving it clean and healthy for you. This robovac from Samsung will not let you down when it comes to vacuuming. Despite the size of your home, the vacuum works even in areas where a person would have difficulty reaching. The Samsung R9020 POWERbot also has a digital camera and about nine smart sensors that help it map the entire home for cleaning. The mapping allows the vacuum to reach every part of the house during the cleaning. The Robo vac can automatically switch from carpet to hard floor cleaning without your involvement. This best Samsung robot senses the change of surface and gets the appropriate mode to perform the supposed work.


  • Visionary mapping.
  • Easy transition.
  • Ability to avoid obstacles.
  • Great cleaning power.
  • Easily accessible dustbin.
  • Effective cleaning on rugs.


  • Can improve the design.
  • A bit bigger.

7. Samsung Powerbot R9250 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

This new Samsung R9250 consistently presents a superb performance. The CycloneForce Technology that comes with this top rated robot vacuum delivers extra power that separates dirt and reduces incidences of obstructing. The Samsung Powerbot R9250 vacuum delivers fifty times more suction power than its competitors in this class. Anyone tired of tugging or pushing a vacuum cleaner all over the house will be pleased with this robo vac. Moreover, you can wirelessly connect to control the robot vacuum using your voice commands. Alternatively, you also can remotely control it by using your smartphone. The Samsung vacuum cleaner’s design includes a lot of sensors that enable it to navigate intelligently without bumping into furniture or any other obstacles.

Samsung Powerbot R9250

The Visionary Mapping Plus and FullView Sensor technology of this Samsung robot allow you to create an optimal cleaning path for the robot vacuum cleaner as it carries out a programmed cleaning routine.  If you wish to clean immediately, you can point this cleaner in the appropriate direction and ride on the Point Cleaning technology, so, it carries out your command prompt. Moreover, Samsung Powerbot R9250 packed with nine individual smart sensors as well as an onboard digital camera. Hence, this robot vacuum can navigate your home intelligently without expecting constant input from you. No bumps or damage, as this robo vac scans while it moves. And, hence, smartly avoiding obstacles. The Powerbot Samsung move over different floor types with ease using its EasyPass Wheels. The vacuum cleaner also comes with a Combo brush that easily picks up pet hairs with less number of tangles.


  • Washable filter.
  • 60 minute run time.
  • Gives cleaning summary report.
  • Superb cleaning.
  • Can operate in the dark also.


  • Tall than other robot vacuums.
  • slightly large noise.

8. Samsung Powerbot R9350 Robot vacuum

The Samsung POWERbot R9350 Robot brought professional care to your house. This best Samsung robot vacuum is mainly designed to clean entire home, by recharging and resuming until the task is done. Samsung powerbot Turbo vacuum gives a good performance by using new technologies and is taller than other robotics. POWERbot Samsung R9350 is packed with power suction technology and has the most powerful suction with 70 times more than any other leading robot vacuum. This Samsung vacuum powerbot delivers optimal cleaning results and provide a deep cleaning in less time. Samsung robo uses a digital camera and nine individual smart sensors that help it determine a complete map of your home. However, this Samsung robot Visionary Mapping Plus system gives the best cleaning path around your house.

samsung powerbot r9350

The POWERbot Samsung features a powerful Cyclone Force system that creates strong centrifugal forces. This separates dust and dirt into an outer chamber to maintain suction power longer with limited clogging of filters. Samsung R9350 vacuum also automatically transits from hard floors to most carpet and door thresholds with ease to provide the right type of cleaning action depending on the type of surface it is on. The Combo Brush of this Powerbot R9350 used to pick up pet hair with fewer tangles. Its rotating motion greatly helps loosen trapped dirt, and suction across the entire brush hence provides pick-up dust from end to end. Moreover, you can download the App and connect to your home WIFI. You can also use a smartphone or tablet to have the best possible experience with it.


  • Automatically recharges and resumes.
  • Full view sensor.
  • Easy pass wheels.
  • Multi-surface cleaning.
  • Large dustbin.
  • Auto docking.


  • Setting was a bit clumpsy.
  • Too expensive.

9. Samsung Powerbot R7090 Vacuum Robot

The Samsung Powerbot R7090 boasts cyclonic suction and rubber edge sweepers, self-adjusting wheels and a triple filtration system.  POWERbot Samsung robot vacuum R7090 has a wide rolling brush that gives self-clean. The robot vacuum Samsung is equipped with sensors and a digital camera for smooth navigation. As the Samsung Powerbot R7090 vacuum is Wi-Fi capable, you can synchronise it to your smartphone to change settings. You can even use it with a smart assistant or the accompanying remote control. The motor that comes with this Samsung Robot R7090 produces 20 watts of pure cyclonic suction, that is stronger than other Samsung robot vacuum cleaners.

samsung powerbot r7090

As the robot rapidly moves the air through the vacuum, the air is funnelled through separate chambers to prevent dust from damaging the motor. Hence, leaving you with suction you can count on each time the Samsung robo runs. The vacuum robot can even optimize the suction speed according to the floor type. In front of the suction inlet, there exists an extra-wide rolling brush bar that measures 11.45 inches, allowing the robotic vacuum to clean a lot of floor space in a single pass. If you have pets, you feel more happy to know that the rolling brush of this robovac removes tangled hair by itself. Additionally, there are two small brushes, situated on either flat side of the POWERbot Samsung R7090. When the robotic vacuum moves along the wall, the rubber brushes pop out, extracting dust and debris from the rolling brush and inlet.


  • Comprehensive brushes.
  • Smart navigation.
  • Long runtime.
  • Good dirt collection.
  • Self-clean brush.
  • Intelligent power control.


  • Small debris bin.
  • Cannt find the charging station.

10. Samsung Powerbot Star wars limited Edition

The Samsung POWERbot Stars Wars Limited Edition is a personal robot vacuum that can track around your home and responses to all your commands. You get 20 times more suction from this robovac. This best Samsung robot vacuum can clean reliably in places that you cannot notice. There is a special shutter on this Samsung robot that will reach into every corner. The Powerbot Samsung uses special sensors to detect all the obstacles in every room and will create a cleaning path that will be used to cover the entire room. The robot decides where to go, and it will show you where it has gone if you follow the corresponding app.

samsung powerbot star wars

You may connect this Samsung Powerbot Star wars to WiFi at any time, and you will find that you may connect it to the Google Assistant or Alexa in your home. Moreover, Samsung Connect is also used to switch on your robot vacuum, or you can simply use the app on your phone to check if the vacuum has run that day. The Samsung powerbot robotic vacuum weighs less than nine pounds and hence can take up very little space while docking.This Samsung robot may hide under the couch or in the corner, and it comes out only when it is time to clean. You need to use just a few AAA batteries to power this robotic vacuum. Finally, the Samsung vacuum robot is very efficient and hence can shut itself off when it is done cleaning and docked.


  • 20 times more suction.
  • Corner cleaning.
  • Sound effects.
  • Powerful long lasting suction.
  • Dumping the bin is easy.


  • Filter is harder to wash.

How to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner?

Robotic vacuums have probably revolutionized the way we clean our houses. The sleek designs and advanced technology have seen people flocking the stores to get their own robotic vacuum. However, there are few people who still don’t know what a Best robot vacuum is. When it comes to buying a new one, many are still doubtful. So let us know about the things to consider before buying a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Things to Consider

Self Charging

Self charging

When your objective is just to find the best robotic vacuum cleaner, it might be suggestable to ignore the importance of self charging. You better assume that it is just a device. However, the ability for a floor vacuum robot to automatically return to its docking station for charging is necessary in some cases. This will keep your Samsung Robot Vaccum charged up and get back to its previous work and stay connected for a long time. Hence, it may not require any human intervention and is one of the biggest perks of using this type of vacuum cleaner. The robovac simply does its duties and then returns home for a good charge. Not all the robotics have this ability, hence it is worth checking out before purchasing. This option is totally useless if you are searching for that “hands-off” approach to keep your floors well maintained.



You might think that cleaning a floor is something anyone can do, hence it may not require that much intelligence. Moreover, you should know that a vacuum cleaner struggles to do even basic tasks. Therefore, good artificial intelligence is required. There are different methods that can be used to clean a floor, from going up and down, to turning around the perimeter, to irregular cleaning patterns. The most efficient robotics are typically the ones that go up and down the floor. Some robovacs even learn the layout of your house as they move along. This means that as you use them, they will speed up and create more efficient routes to clean your floors as quickly as possible.

Risk Avoidance

Anti collision

Preferably, all we want a Samsung Robot Vacuum that you can leave independently for long periods of time. Moreover, we do our work without worrying that it may fall down the stairs. The best automatic robot vacuums usually contain several hazard avoidance techniques to prevent them from causing damage and crashing into walls or falling down stairs. Most of the high-quality Samsung robotic vacuum cleaners also come with virtual walls. These are small little vacuums that can be placed on either side of a doorway, or in any portion of the room, to prevent it from entering. This is a great way to stop it from going into your office and eating up essential work.

Battery Life

battery life

One of the most important things to consider while choosing a robot vacuum is the quality of its battery. In general, the best batteries you can have at that instant are made from Li-Ion. The Samsung robot vacuums using this kind of batteries may clean for 120-150 minutes continuously. However, depending on the suction motor and on the sensors connected. Meanwhile, Ni-Mh based batteries last a bit less but are also less costly. Moreover, Charging time is also important. Most Samsung robot vacuum cleaners fully charged in 5h. A high-Quality vacuum may take only 3 to 4 hours to get fully charged.

The suction power

Suction power

Rating the suction power of a Samsung Robotic vacuum cleaner is always a soft spot for almost all vacuum cleaner producers. Sometimes the specifications show a number of AW, other times they use CFM or Pa. When it comes to robotic vacuums, if it comes with a bot equipped with a brushroll, 400-500 Pa is enough. Because, the brushroll does half of the task, by agitating the dust and sending it directly towards the air inlet. If the robovac don’t have a brushroll, the pump needs to be a bit high powerful, i.e, about 600-700 Pa.



The bigger the motor, the more sound it makes. A Samsung vacuum Robot Cleaner that produces 60 dB is too noisy. There are plenty of robovacs which come even under 50 dB and give excellent results. The ability is to isolate well the motor chamber and to build eco-friendly suction and filter holes. Having a quiet robot vacuum cleaner is necessary as it allows you to focus on other things. Owning a good robot vacuum allows you to clean and at the same time watch TV, read, speak on the phone or do your office work.

Why Only Samsung Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Samsung is a South Korean multinational company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It holds numerous affiliated businesses like textiles, insurance, retails and securities. Later Samsung also entered in electronics, construction and shipbuilding industries. Samsung Electronics constantly invents to persevere happier and richer lives. In the Home Appliance, Samsung achieved remarkable growth by introducing new products and differentiated design in the premium market. Samsung always delivers world best products and services with a passion for innovation and optimal performance.


The many smart features that come with Samsung POWERBOT make this vacuum a great choice for those looking for a high-end vacuum cleaner robot. Powerbot Samsung is the latest generation vacuum based on innovative technologies mainly designed to make cleaning much faster and less hassle. You can simply turn the robot on or program it to start at a certain time and hence it takes care of cleaning your house without bothering you. Above all, try Powerbot Samsung if you want a top-notch vacuum for floor cleaning. Hope you all like this Samsung Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews. Keep visiting us to get information on updated and latest robotic vacuum cleaners. Thanq!!Happy Shopping!!