Shark Ion Robot Vacuum Cleaning System S87 With Wi-Fi – Rv851WV – With powerful triple suction


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Shark Ion Robot S87 Cleaning System

The amount of time and effort we have to put into cleaning sometimes, really makes us want to not do it at all. We have still come a long way from those brooms and mops that we used at a point in time. Now, we have amazing vacuum cleaners to thank for saving time we earlier had to spend scrubbing floors. Yes, It is none other than Shark Ion Robot S87 Vac,it will ease your job to keep those floors cleaned every time. And when you have kids or pets around the house, the job is even tougher you must buy this Shark Ion Robot Cleaning System. It is where robot vacuum cleaners come in handy. They are exceptional machines that are designed to keep our floors clean off dust, debris, pet hair, and much more. Here is complete Shark Ion S87 Review, go through it.

Shark Ion S87 Review for 2020

A simple reason which should compel you to buy Shark Ion Robotic Vacuum is that it is very effective in what it does, and price is not disappointing at all. Usually, you get a best robot vacuum under $1000, but here you have it for less. The suction power it has is triple, and the dust cup also collects more than usual. Most vacuum cleaner brands now make robot vacuums. They are not a new concept but still a less used one. We have reviewed many robot vacuums, and reviewers have loved using them in their homes, given all convenience brought in. One of these was Shark Ion Robot Cleaning System with a dual function design. This Shark’s high-performance robot vacuum is a handheld vacuum cleaner and a robot vacuum in one

Shark ION S87Robot Vacuum Cleaning System Features

a dust cup of dual function Shark Ion Robot S87 Vacuum Cleaner has been designed to support its powerful functioning. It has an extra-large cup which is located at bottom and is very easy to empty as well. The same dust cup is functional with both handheld and robot vacuum features. There is a max cup line marked on it, which indicates when you need to empty it. Emptying it is also quite easy, just hold it over a dustbin and press release button. You won’t be touching any grime in process.

Shark has claimed that the suction power of Shark Ion Robot Vacuum for Sale is three times any other robot vacuum or basic vacuum cleaner you will find. It is max mode on which it is most powerful and cleans up in a jiffy once turned on. It gives a good competition to other vacuums in the same price range, and its powerful motor combined gives a well-cleaned surface to you.

Shark Ion Robot Vacuum Cleaning System S87 With Wi-Fi – Rv851wv is less of a robot vacuum and more of a cleaning system in itself, because of its dual function design. It can be either used as a robot vacuum or as a hand vacuum. Both vacuum types still have to be charged at the same station, which is very convenient. You also have the option to purchase handheld parts of it separately, if that is just what you need.

Robot vacuums need to have a good navigation system and be sensitive to what is around them. Otherwise, it is easy for them to hit furniture they are cleaning around. With increased sensitivity, Best Robot Vacuum For Carpet navigates and glides on floor very efficiently. Unlike many robot vacuums, there will be very few stuck situations happening with shark on vacuum cleaners.

Dust and debris getting tangled in brushes of robotic vacuum are a very common situation. Still, this Best Budget Robot Vacuum design has been able to beat this problem at hand. A self-cleaning brush roll combined with a dual side edge and corner brushes easily get a hold of all dust and debris that comes in contact. The dual brush system is also the reason they keep themselves clear of detangling hair etc.


Specification Name Value
19 x 15.2 x 11.8 inches
16.1 pounds
Black and beige
Model no
Shark ninja
2550 mAh
Dust cup capacity
0.66 quart
Run time
60 mins
One year





How to set up a Shark Ion S87 Robot Cleaning system?

 To set up Shark Ion S87 Robot Cleaning system, its brushes should be joined to the system and it should be charged before use.

What is the difference between the Shark Ion Robot S87 and S86?

There is not much difference between Shark Ion Robot S87 and S86 except that S87 is an advanced version of S86.

How long does Shark Ion S87 Robot clean for?

Shark Ion S87 Robot cleans for 1 hour.

Will this Shark Ion Robot S87 go over the carpet?

S87 easily manages transition from floor to carpet, and it will easily go over your short pile carpets.

Does Shark Ion Robot S87 turn on/off with the help of Alexa/google assistant only?

No, there are manual press buttons on vacuum cleaners, which can be used to do tasks.

What all attachments does the Shark Ion Robot S87 package have?

There are three attachments in all, pet tool, crevice tool, and soft dusting brush tool.

Bottom Line

Shark Ion Robotic Vacuum is a must buy for your home. With this Shark Ion S87 Review,  you will definatley get complete idea about its operation. The best thing about it is that it gives you the benefit of two things in just one. We usually have to buy a handheld vacuum and a Robot vacuum separately, or we have just one of those. Having these two things combined gives flexibility to clean up very efficiently. Above that, cleaning tasks becomes even more convenient because of the presence of voice control features and remote-control features. You can schedule a cleaning session in advance, and the robot vacuum will be doing its job at home

Shark Ion S87 smart robot vacuum returns to its charging dock when the battery is low. You get an hour with it easily, and then it needs to be charged up again, which takes about two to three hours. Despite that, it is still a convenient appliance to have to clean up your house well.

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