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Keeping your floors clean in a manual way is a chore that no one wants to do. Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping is getting old day by day and really fast. Shark Robot vacuum is one of the top rated vacuum cleaners. The best robotic vacuums today are a wonder in automated cleaning and also reliable. Life gets crazy, and it can be difficult to keep up with regular cleaning around the house. That’s why a Robot Vacuum is a perfect addition to your house. A Robotic Vacuum cleaner will help you keep up by taking the vacuuming away from your to-do list. Nowadays, One of the trending additions to home appliances is the vacuum cleaner robot. They are hands-free and once set they wonder in the house on their own cleaning everything they come across in their way. Now let us look into the best Shark Vacuum reviews.

Shark Robot Vacuum Reviews 2019

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Shark ION ROBOT 720 Vacuum with Easy Scheduling Remote (RV720)
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Shark ION ROBOT 750 Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity + Voice...

When it comes to floor cleaning appliances, Shark robot vacuum is a leading robovac that are well-crafted cleaners. This best Shark vacuum contains many of the latest technological features that you can get in a robot vacuum, including Wi-Fi connectivity. let us have a look at the Shark top rated robot vacuum cleaners.


Shark ION Robot 750 Vacuum

With 2.6 inches tall, the Shark Ion Robot 750 can roll underneath coffee tables, couches and mattress frames cleaning all the dirt and dust. The Shark ion robot is able to go from hardwood floors to carpets without getting stuck, as it has a sturdy weight of 5.5 pounds and rubber-grip side wheels. As the Shark robot vacuum cleaner wanders around the room, it’s 12.6-inch case makes a lot of headway, vacuuming more on a single pass than slimmer robotic vacuum cleaners. Moreover, when the dustbin becomes full, the easy-release tabs that come with this Shark Robot vacuum 750 allow you to quickly dump the container. So the robovac can get back to work.

shark ion robot 750

Shark ion robot is equipped with dual side brushes and hence it is highly skilled at removing crumbs from baseboards and corners. Later, this Shark robot pulls them into the suction vent as they spin at a rapid pace. Using detangling technology, the Shark Vacuum can loosen and release long strands of hair and string. Intelligent sensors of this Shark ion robot 750 prevent damage to the robot by keeping it away from obstacles and stairs. For added convenience, the Shark robot vacuum 750 self-docks and self-charges. Moreover, you can also use the find feature to locate its exact position in your residence. Through Shark’s Android or iPhone app, you can create a cleaning schedule. By this, you can tell the robot vacuum to spot clean and get maintenance alerts.


  • Easy setup.
  • Emptying the bin is simple.
  • Good for Home use.
  • Keep floors clean for longer period.


  • Sometimes bumps around.


Shark ION Robot 720 robotic vacuum

Shark Robot Vacuum introduces the new ION 720 with Dual Brush edge cleaning. This model is great for pets and pet hair with its Self-cleaning Brushroll which removes short and long hair, dust, dander, and allergens. The ION 720’s HEPA filter helps to keep the air clean while it is vacuuming. The Dual spinning side brushes will pull in dirt and debris from corners and edges. The Robot Vacuum has full navigation sensors for cleaning carpets and floors. The Shark ION 720 starts working for you at the push of the CLEAN button (on the top of the vacuum) or use the included Remote Control. For intelligent navigation, Shark vacuum is equipped with an array of sensors.

Shark robot vacuum 720

However, some of these sensors are designed to prevent the Shark Robot Vacuum from falling down staircases while others help it determine how close it is to nearby objects. The multi-coloured light of this Shark vacuum robot flashes or remains solid to let you know when the vacuum encounters a problem. Hence, this feature allows you to quickly troubleshoot and remedy the issue. On the shark ion vacuum’s case, there is a simple control panel that has three buttons. The clean button starts and stops the vacuum. Next, the spot button tells the Shark vacuum to tackle deeply embedded dirt and concentrated piles of debris. There is also a dock button that you can push to send the Shark robot to its charger. Moreover, the Shark ION 720 will give you about 1 hour of cleaning time. Here, Shark 720 uses remote control whereas Shark robot vacuum 750 uses the mobile app.


  • Pet hair vacuum.
  • Easy empty dustbin.
  • Dual spinning sid brushes.
  • Allergen filter.
  • Smart sensor navigation.


  • Works well only on wood floors.

How to choose the best Robotic vacuum cleaner?

A robot vacuum cleaner might sound like the dream machine for the future. But now, it is the time to get one robovac to clean your home. However, before you toss out your old vacuum cleaner, you need to know how to choose the best robot vacuum cleaner. Not all robotic vacuum cleaners on the market have been created the same and you need to be careful. Hence, let us know about the important features that we need to look into a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Key factors

Size of the Robot vacuum

When you look at a robotic vacuum, the first thing you need to consider is the size. Most of this robotics are disk-shaped, but the diameter of the plate/disk will vary. A small robot vacuum cleaner has a diameter of 9.5 inches while the larger one is 14 inches. However, it is significant to note that the diameter of the robot vacuum is not the size aspect that you have to consider. The height of the vacuum cleaner robot is also important, especially if you have low furniture. If the robot vacuum is too high, you need to move low furniture out of its track or admit that the area under the furniture will not be cleaned. Hence, the lower the robot, the more places it will be able to reach when cleaning.

Size of the Robot vacuum

The lowest height for robot vacuums on the present market is 3.5 inches. These vacuums can reach under most items of furniture including the bed. However, there are many robotic vacuums that have a height of 5 inches that could not be able to fit under certain furniture. When it comes to choosing the best robot vacuum cleaners, should look at smaller sized ones. Because they can easily reach tight spots and clean more of your home. However, you need to consider that a smaller robot vacuum is equal to a smaller dust bin.

Dust Bin

Dust bin of robot vacuum

Another important factor that you need to look at when choosing a robotic vacuum cleaner is the size of the dustbin. It is necessary to note that all robot vacuum cleaners will have a small dustbin when you compare them to traditional vacuums. Additionally, the smaller the size of the vacuum the smaller the bin is going to be. For most people, a dustbin size of 12 to 14 ounces is enough. If you can find a robot vacuum with a dustbin size of above 14 ounces, this will be fine. All of the dustbins for these robot vacuum cleaners will be bagless as this will preserve the energy it uses. Robots with bags use more energy as they need to push the trash into the bag.

Filtration System

There are a lot of people who do not concentrate on this filtration system a vacuum cleaner has. Moreover, this is not something that you should neglect. The filtration of these robot vacuums has also been a low-priority feature, and this could be a financial matter for the operators. Ideally, you should consider a robot vacuum that has a HEPA grade filtration system. The main reason to look at the filtration system of the robotic vacuum is the fact that they do not have bags. These robots do not have the space for the bag to expand, that means the filter has to take care of the output air.

Filter of robot vacuum

Hence, to assure that the air is not full of dust, you need to have a good filtration system. Most of the robot vacuums have a single layer of filtration. While this works to a certain extent. So, you should go for one that has something better. More and more robot vacuum cleaners are now including an additional HEPA filter in their packages, hence the option is available.

Battery Life

One of the most significant features of a robot vacuum is the overall quality of the battery and the battery life. The best battery option that is available at the moment is a Li-Ion battery. These batteries are well known to produce enough power for the robot vacuum to clean for 120 to 150 minutes continuously. Of course, this time will change depending on the suction motor and the sensors of the cleaner.

Battery life

The other common battery option is a Ni-Mh based battery. This may not last for as long but does have the benefit of being cheaper. Of course, when you choose a battery, you also need to consider the charging time. Most of the robots can achieve a full charge in 5 hours, but the best quality vacuum cleaners will be able to do this in 3 to 4 hours.

Suction Power

The Suction power is something that you need to look at when choosing a vacuum cleaner. There is no point in having a robotic vacuum that is unable to pick up any dirt as it has poor suction power. The problem you may find when you look at suction power is that manufacturers will use different measurement specifications. Some manufacturers show the number of AW whereas others may use Pa or CFM.

suction power

When it comes to robot vacuum, you need to look at choosing one that has a brushroll and 400 to 500 Pa. The reason for this is that the brushroll actually do most of the task by directing the dust to the air inlet. However, if the robovac that you are considering does not have a brushroll, you need to look at more power and 600 to 700 Pa should be your range.

Brush Type

The type of brush that your robot vacuum has is one more important thing you also need to look at. You are advised to consider a robot vacuum with a brush instead of one without a brush. Brushes can make the robotic vacuum cleaners more effective and help them reach some tight spots. Brush rolls are great for lifting dust from the surface of your floor and directing it to the air inlet. Wider brush bars cover the floor better and they could also help when it comes to cleaning carpets. This does not mean that you should ignore robot vacuums that come with sweeper brushes which are rotating brushes on the edge of the robot vacuum. These might look like they do not do anything, but they actually direct trash from the edges of the robovac body to the air inlet.

Sensor Technology

There are a lot of people who do not consider the sensor technology in a robot vacuum. Because they pretend that they will not be able to understand the specifications. But the sensor technology will play a major role in how thoroughly the robot vacuum is able to navigate your home. Most robot vacuum cleaners come with smart sensor technology that allows them to map and then navigate the field.

Sensor technology

Basic robot vacuums will have infrared sensors that help them avoid edges and turn direction when they bump into something. These robot vacuum cleaners will not map the house and use the map to navigate the home. Hence, you are recommended you look at a cleaner that has the ability to map the the complete house. This will generally be done with laser-guided sensors that can create a virtual map of your home.

Noise of the Vacuum


Noise is a common factor in any vacuum. Hence, you need to remember that the bigger the motor in your robot vacuum, the more noise it is going to produce. If your robovac makes 60 DB, it is considered to be too noisy. There are a lot of robot vacuum cleaners that passes noise levels of under 50 DB. Yet, these robotics are able to clean your house properly. Owning a quiet robotic vacuum is important as this allows you to focus on other things while the vacuum robot cleans. To get a quiet robovac, you need to look for a smaller motor and also an isolated motor chamber. However, Ergonomic suction and filter holes also help to lower the noise level of your vacuum.

Why Only Shark Robot?

Shark is a producer of several household brands developed by SharkNinja Operating LLC. It is a pioneer in small house-care appliances and cleaning solutions that fit the lifestyles of busy people. By providing innovative and highly functional products, SharkNinja has rapidly created a significant market share in the housewares industry. Hence, becomes one of the leading companies in this sector. SharkNinja commodities positively impact people’s lives every day in every home around the world.

However, Shark’s products are widely circulated through major big-box retailers and speciality stores, and also through its websites. The Shark Robot Vacuum cleaners come with self-cleaning brushroll that can pull in short and long hair and captures dust, and allergens to prevent everyday buildup in your home.


If you are looking for a cheaper robotic vacuum cleaner, then check out the Shark Robot Vacuum. This best robovac can clean on a schedule. Moreover, the shark Vacuum can clean all floor types. This vacuum is small enough to fit under low furniture and can be controlled by an app for Shark ION 750 and through remote in Shark ION 720. Of course, there are robot vacuum cleaners out there with more features or which can give best results in cleaning. But you need to pay more for them. But, with this Shark robot vacuum, you get a good cleaning machine at a lower price. Hope you all like and enjoyed this Shark robot Vacuum review. Stay in touch with us to get updated robotic vacuum cleaners. Thank You!!!


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