3 Smartest Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaners – Works brilliantly with several unique features!

3 Smartest Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Cleaners - Works brilliantly with several unique features!

Best Xiaomi Robotic Vaccuum

Nobody really enjoys vacuuming right?. That is why the idea of a robot vacuum cleaner is a dream to most people.  Xiaomi mi robot vacuum is one among them. With the help of this vacuum robot, you can get rid of this dragging out your old, clunky vacuum. Moreover, this makes your life a lot easier, and a lot less stressful! What are you waiting for here is Best Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner Reviews, now all you have to do is just refer Smart Robot Vac for Home. 

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum Review 2020

Moreover, they can keep your home very clean and tidy without you even lifting a finger for the most part. There is an increasing number of these vacuum robot cleaners being released each year. But it is still important to learn how to these Best Robotic Vacuum Cleaners navigate and clean your floors. Hence, we are presenting you about the most important features to look in a robotic vacuum.

The Xiaomi Mi robot is the new autonomous vacuum cleaner that claims to offer more suction power and extended battery life for a fraction of the price of its competitors. The brand new Xiaomi presented the best and top rated robot vacuum cleaners. Let us have a look at the Best xiaomi robotic vaccuum Cleaner available in market.

3 Best Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Sale

Xiaomi Mi SDJQR02RR Robot White Vacuum Cleaner image
  • Xiaomi
  • Price $$$
  • Product Dimensions: 13.6 x 13.6 x 3.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 8.4 pounds
  • Warranty: LImited
  • Run Time: NP
  • Technology: NP
  • Max Suction Power: 1800Pa
  • Auto-return charging: No
  • Wifi-Connected: Yes
  • App Control: Yes
Xiaomi Mijia Robot Vacuum Cleaner image
  • Xiaomi
  • -
  • Price $$$
  • Product Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 3.1 inches
  • Item Weight: 8.38 pounds
  • Warranty: 1-Year
  • Run Time: NP
  • Technology: NP
  • Max Suction Power: 1800Pa
  • Auto-return charging: No
  • Wifi-Connected: NP
  • App Control: Yes
Xiaomi MI DDKXMVC002 Robot Vacuum Cleaner image
  • Xiaomi
  • DDKXMVC002
  • Price $$$
  • Product Dimensions: NP
  • Item Weight: 18 pounds
  • Warranty: NP
  • Run Time: NP
  • Technology: NP
  • Max Suction Power: 1800Pa
  • Auto-return charging: Yes
  • Wifi-Connected: Yes
  • App Control: Yes
Best Choice

The Xiaomi robot vacuum has a round form factor with a height of 3.8 inches and a diameter of 13.6 inches. The Xiaomi vacuum robot weighs 3.8 kilograms and is made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. Hence, this Smart robot vacuum has a durable type of plastic that is resistant to heat. The xiaomi mi robot vacuum 3 cleaner also has a polished look that makes it look expensive. With its minimalist styling and white colour scheme, the Xiaomi vacuum looks very stylish when it comes to the design. 

  • Brushless motor

  • Smart App Control-WiFi

  • High Energy Density

The best xiaomi robotic vaccuum features a total of 12 sensors that allow it to effectively navigate around your house. That may include a gyroscope, a cliff sensor, an ultrasonic radar sensor, and an accelerometer. The data that is obtained from these sensors is transmitted to three onboard co-processors, which use a Simultaneous Localization and Mapping algorithm to locate the most efficient cleaning route.

The mi robot vacuum 3 has a suction rating of 1800Pa. The suction inlet is located at the bottom, and there’s a side brush to the right of the vacuum that directs dust towards the inlet as it navigates around a room. This Xiaomi top rated robot vacuum has two wheels and can adjust its height automatically to create more suction with the surface. 

The latest xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner creates a virtual map of the room by going around all the corners. Once the robot figures out the layout, it starts cleaning the room in a grid, going back and forth to assure that all areas are covered. However, this is a very efficient system and one that differentiates the xiaomi mi vacuum from others in this category.





Xiaomi presented the upgraded version of robot vacuum cleaner in the name of Xiaomi Mijia. This new version comes with three buttons on the top of the robotic vacuum. The new generation of this Xiaomi robot vacuum works for 2.5 height same as the previous robovac does. The Xiaomi Robot Rock now can mop the surface and works for about 45-60 min in this mode. Hence, this makes the robotic vacuum unique and suitable for any surface. 

  • Brilliant Robotic Vacuum

  • Efficient Cleaner

  • Smart App Control

  • Automatic Power Off

  • Self Charging

The mi robot vacuum wifi have the same laser that helps it to map out a cleaning area. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with 12 sensors while the 2nd generation has 13. The new feature of this Xiaomi Mijia vacuum is intelligent carpet identification. Once the vacuum recognizes a carpet, it turns the maximum mode on and gets back to the regular mode when the robot vacuum is leaving it.

Also, the new xiaomi robot vacuum gets the new thing that allows it to get back to work after recharging if the battery runs out. Since the mi robot vacuum cleaner pa equipped with a regular HEPA filter, the new robotic vacuum has a washable HEPA filter. However, this is not a major difference but it definitely good for people who suffer from asthma or allergies. 

You can also forget about tangling hair as the new Xiaomi MiJia is mainly designed to prevent the motor hair that stuck in it. Moreover, the Obstacle climbing increased from 1.5 cm to 2 cm. Although the new robovac has more suction power than Mi robot, it comes with closed silence cotton and porous air screen that makes the vacuum work more quite and delivers only 54-67dB.





This Best Xiaomi Smart Vacuum Cleaner comes with a very minimalistic design. This best Xiaomi Mi Smart robot vacuum is simple, sleek, and is made of classic white. On the top of the robot, you can find the main controls, ON and HOME buttons. Even though the Xiaomi Mi Robot does not come with a remote control, you can be able to easily navigate the robot vacuum through the Mi Home App. 

  • Mobile App Remote Control

  • Side Brush Speed Auto Shift

  • Side Brush Speed Auto Shift

The smart vacuum cleaner will stay within 10mm from your wall and wipe the edges with a side brush. The importance of LDS sensor that comes with this Best Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum Smart is scanning the area. Moreover, it cleans that particular in a very intelligent manner. This Xiaomi mi home smart robot vacuum cleaner does the area scanning at 360 degrees for about 1800 times per billing second. Hence, ensuring that it detects an obstacle that would be coming on its way.

Another stunning feature about Xiaomi vacuum cleaner is that it is fitted with twelve sensors that are located to enable it clean even in around the corners and in dark places around the room. This best rated robot vacuum also uses Simultaneous Localization and Mapping, hence enables it to check out the place that it would be cleaning. Moreover, it also calculates the time and mode of cleaning that place. 

This Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has features that allow the person who is supervising the cleaning to control the robot vacuum remotely. The Xiaomi Mi also has a self-charging system thus meaning that as it cleans, the robot automatically charges itself. This robot vacuum cleaner has a suction pressure of 1800 pa thus making it ideal for both commercial and home cleaning. Xiaomi vacuum robot has a Lead ions (Li-ion) type of battery and has a capacity of 5200mAh.





A Robot vacuum Cleaner helps keep your carpet or hard floor cleaner. The Robot vacuum cleaners are handy helpers that work to keep your floor clean even without your interference. Moreover, as you all know, Replacing carpet is very expensive and so regular vacuuming can help keep the dirt and stains at bay. By preparing your floor clean and regularly vacuumed, you help ensure your home looks kept up. Hence, you can maintain the quality and life of your carpet, and help remove allergens such as dust and pet her from the air. Therefore, know your cleaning needs to help you choose and buy the best Mi Robot vacuum cleaner. Hence, we are presenting you how to choose and buy a robot vacuum.

This is a standard feature in most of the Smart robotic vacuum cleaners. But some of the basic robot vacuums may not have this. Here, through this, you can schedule your robot to clean at specific times during specific days of the week. So, when that time comes around, the robotic vacuum starts cleaning automatically. Moreover, you don’t even need to be in the home at that time. 

Even, if you are at your home, you don’t need to remember the robovac to start. If you are organized and don’t bother about starting it manually, then you apparently may not need this feature. But it’s very handy option. And hence, the majority of robot vacuum cleaners have it. Especially when you are not at home most of the day or sometimes travel a lot for work.

Another important feature to keep is remote access from your smartphone. Now, all the new robotic vacuums come with WIFI capability hence you can schedule cleanings from your phone, anyplace, anytime. You can also receive alerts from the robot vacuum for any issues or whenever it completes a cleaning cycle or even if it’s get stuck somewhere.

Sometimes, even the more expensive robot vacuum cleaners may not navigate through multiple rooms. Then, there are some brands, who release two versions of each new line. One can navigate multiple rooms, whereas others cannot. Many vacuum cleaners will come with this feature included. If you pick a robotic vacuum that doesn’t include this feature, make sure that you need to manually place it in each new space that you wish to clean. 

Another important consideration is boundary markers or barriers. This feature prevents your Smart robot vacuum from cleaning certain areas, like your kid’s toy area. Of course, it is not a common feature but is helpful if you need specific areas blocked off from vacuuming. Usually, these are safe and do not even take up a lot of space, easily placed and can be removed once you complete cleaning.

Nowadays, most of the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners work by having a charging dock. That means, the robovac begins to clean, and if it does not finish its task before it runs out of battery, the robot will return here to charge up. Later, it resumes the task where it left off. The problem is that the charging time is often 2-3 times the runtime. 

Therefore, if the robotic vacuum runs for an hour, it will have to charge for 2-3 hours, and then resume at a different point in the day. If you wish the task to be done as fast as possible, you better opt the one with a long battery life, i.e., 100 minutes or more. Else, if you don’t care when it runs, then you need not worry about the battery.

One of the benefits of a robotic vacuum is it should be able to clean under your sofas, beds, and other hard to reach areas that collect dust. Be sure to look around your home and measure the height of your furniture. Then, note the dimensions of the robotic vacuum Cleaner you are going to choose. If you are going to choose a Robot vacuum Cleaner that can clean underneath your bed, couch, end tables and more, you need not opt for the robot that is too bulky or has the potential of getting stuck. Most of the robotic vacuum cleaners are about 2 inches tall.

Your vacuum robot will become a part of your home as it needs to be placed in an open area. This may not matter to most people, but a robovac that matches your home interior will make it a discreet and elegant addition to your house rather than a tacky distraction. Muted colours work best like black, grey, and darker shades or whatever colour scheme you have.

Remember that Xioami Robotic vacuum cleaners are not yet as efficient as humans. Imagine how long it takes you to vacuum your floor and then double or triple that amount of time for the robo vac. If you are going to be at home when your vacuum is running, take a quiet one. If you are not going to be at home, have a big house, or don’t bother about the sound, get a loud one. However, they are often cheaper and a lot more powerful.

Most robot vacuum cleaners are much more than just vacuums. Instead of just providing suction, most robots aim to actually clean your floor and dislodge debris that regular suction might not reach. They do this job with brushes. Some vacuum cleaners have exceptionally good brushes and will remove dirt that is invisible to the human eye, whereas others don’t do much if anything at all. If your house gets unusually dirty with your kids, pets, etc, then make sure to get the best brushes, whereas if they are relatively calm, you can leave them out.

  • Filters are also important because the cleaning job cannot be done when the suction is applied. The trash still has to get caught in a filter. The better the filter, the less hair, dust, and dirt that will be released back into your air.
  • HEPA filters are the gold standard in Best robotic vacuum cleaners. Non-HEPA filters are pretty good, but they cant remove 100% of dust and pet hair. Therefore, if you have pets or allergies, we suggest getting a HEPA filter.
  • Finally, some robotic vacuum cleaners are actually robotic moppers, too. They vacuum and clean, the dirt and then run a mop behind the robot so that your hardwood platforms shine.

Combination vacuums are usually more expensive, and for those of you with non-hardwood floors, you don’t even need the feature. But if you stay in a house that has brand-new floors or just a lot of hardwood floor, it is definitely something to consider.

Even though your new robot vacuum will do all of the floor and carpet cleaning in your home for you, you will be the one who needs to clean the robot itself. Hence, consider the size of the dustbin of this robotic vacuum, which could be an indication of how often the vacuum will need to be emptied. Another factor to consider is the size of the space the robot vacuum will be working in.

This one is a major concern that narrow down all your choices. A few years ago, you would have been limited to a few robot vacuums Under $300 – $9000. But today, things have changed for the better and the worse. There are lots and lots of options that makes it harder to decide. Besides the brands mentioned above, Bobsweep, Kobot, Infinuvo, iLife, among others, have developed excellent products with wide-ranging features and prices.

With significant improvements in robotic vacuum technology, the price values have come down. Hence, now most of the robotic vacuum cleaners range from about $120 – $500 and gives all the key benefits you need to automate your home cleaning. High performing and high featured rich robotic vacuums still cost $500 and more.

Xiaomi Ecosystem is a large network of smart devices that bring the future to your doorstep. The company applies most recent technologies and works with the most sought-after industrial designers to give you long-lasting and stylish-looking gadgets that make your life easier. Xiaomi itself strives to offer more to the world’s technology development and to enhance the existing technologies. It is among the most active investors in local start-ups that the company not only encourages financially but also helps them to mark a position in the market.

The Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum is the new autonomous cleaner from China that challenges to offer longer battery life and bigger suction power for a fraction of the price of all its competitors. It was created by Rockrobo (code name for the Xiaomi startup), and developed under Xiaomi’s Mi Ecosystem programme. The company’s main product lines are smartphones, routers and smart TVs.


Where to buy Xiaomi Robot Vacuum 2?

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum 2 can be purchased on Amazon.

How to use Xiaomi Robot Vacuum?

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum can be used after setting it on MI home app through wifi. 

  1. Connect the vacuum to a power outlet. 
  2. Schedule the cleaning.
  3. Use it whenever you desire.
Is Xiaomi Robot Vacuum good?

Yes, Xiaomi Robot Vacuum is good.

How do I connect my MI robot vacuum?

Steps to connect I connect my MI robot vacuum :

  1. MI robot vacuum can be connected by opening MI home app, lifting the lid of the cleaner, the two buttons should be pressed to start wifi. 
  2. Scan button should be pressed on Mi Home app on mobile
  3. When the vacuum cleaner’s name appears, it should be selected and Wifi SSID and password chosen.
Does the motors has brushless technology in Xiaomi Robot Vacuum?

 Yes, the motors have brushless technology in Xiaomi Robot Vacuum.

Do Xiaomi Robot Vacuum use the same filter for all Xiaomi vacuum robots?

 Yes, they use the same filter for all Xiaomi vacuum robot

The Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner seems to be yet another example of the Chinese products to providing a better value for the money than their competitors, by offering high-level features at an affordable price. This little robot cleaner has made vacuuming so much easier in every household and definitely does a more thorough and consistently clean. However, this top rated robot vacuum gives very easy maintenance. 

Moreover, this robotic vacuum works ideally on floorboards. It is sometimes annoying when the vacuum reaches a small step that it thinks it can cross and makes a bit noise during its attempt to circumvent the obstacle. However, it would be resolved with the black magnetic strips., Moreover, they are not something you want on display in the main living space. Hope you all like this xiaomi robot vacuum review. Keep visiting us to find all the updated and latest robot vacuum cleaner reviews. Thank you!! Be smart and stay healthy!!!!

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